Sarah Palin and Tall

The title is just one of those one thirty in the morning free associations you make while waiting for paint to dry. I got another one: ‘Palintology’. I haven’t figured out any Monty Python references yet, but they’re there. Just like Dahlia, when I initially saw the announcement headline ‘McCain Picks Palin’ I had a ridiculous image of Michael Palin standing next to John McCain flash through my head. So, I’m watching some old Monty Python episodes now. The absurdity suits the moment.

The PUMA’s are comparing themselves to John Proctor in ‘The Crucible’ now. They really are the biggest drama queens on the web today. They keep whining about how they’re misunderstood and abused by mean sexists and scary black people only stopping to chortle and applaud when one of their members makes a vicious racist insult. It’s hilarious when they cry about all the horrible things Hillary has had said about her while calling Michelle Obama ‘Scoop Mouth’. To be fair, they also like to make sock puppet posts that reinforce their delusions. Their boards are brimming with sock puppets that call anyone who disagrees with them a ‘troll’ or as in my case, the offending comments are deleted or edited into nonsense. If anyone really doubts that PUMA is a GOP front (a la Operation Chaos), one only needs to interact with them for a little while to detect that distinctly fascist reek emanating from their sock puppets. And, boy, are there a lot of sock puppets working hard over there.  

I do believe a few of them are sincere in not realizing that they are the useful idiots of the GOP. These are the ones who can be taken the least seriously as they are the most inconsistent in their rationales and are really just working out their personal frustrations in their posts. It makes them feel important. Most of the other posters say they are Democrats but espouse obvious racist and right wing views. Dahlia and I were discussing Palin in another thread and I said that this election is something of a rorschach test that brings out a person’s latent sexism and racism. My grandmother used to tell me, ‘show me who you go with, and I’ll show you who you are’, and the PUMA’s are going with the right wing and the racists.

UPDATE: Apparently Riverdaughter is blocking pingbacks thanks to me. Since they were deleting my comments I was linking to them in such a way as to force pingbacks in their message threads. These aren’t even showing up now which means she must have disabled this function. Never fear. I think I just found a use for the title of this post. Freelance counterpropaganda operations are fun.

UPDATE II: Alright, so, when I put on a sock puppet, I do it in fraking style. Since it is sure to be deleted rather quickly, I preserve the thread here for your amusement and education. You figure out who I am.

  • Waving back at Gary and Mawn as they pass through Kenosha, WI. {{{waving madly}}}

    Did you like Wisconsin Dells? I love it up there. It’s so beautiful.

    Please be careful in Chicago riding in your proud PUMAmobile. There are lots of nice folks like anywhere else but there are also a whole lot of thugs.

  • You know. If they want to go there, it doesn’t look like Obama’s parents were legitimately married, since he was already married in Africa. Really! Don’t these guys have anything better to do? They sound like my grandmother and I’m 64!

  • Hi everybody! Check out my new blog!
    KenoshaMarge-you are totally right about the thugs in Chicago. The place is crawling with them.

  • UPDATE III: They took that down in less than two minutes. Bravo, PUMA’s. Bravo.
    /golf clap.

    UPDATE IV: That post has been restored. Weird. Maybe they read this and felt shame? Nah… I probably clicked over to a cached copy and assumed too much. Since I keep getting hits from ‘palinfan1’ it seems my sock puppet is doing it’s job quite nicely. I’ve actually gotten more hits from ‘palinfan1’ in the past fourteen hours than this blog got in it’s first month, which truly is a testament to how badly I suck at blogging. My sock puppets are more successful than me.

    2 Responses to “Sarah Palin and Tall”

    1. fsudirectory Says:

      Id like to know why the PUMA PAC Leader Murphy released e-mails of people that did not support them and go as far as to threaten people and say they are Obama Private Investigators!!

    2. Because they are out of their tiny little minds. Also, they’re probably a front for Republican dirty tricks. PUMA stinks of them.

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