PUMA is afraid of this post.

Here’s most of the comments that were so scary that the PUMA’s had to delete them. I will update this at my whim.
Garychapelhill is referring to previous comments that were deleted. There was no cursing or whatnot in them, just the observation that I have done this for years and never encountered anyone as relentlessly neurotic about removing all trace of dissent from their talkboards. In terms of this one thing, PUMA is literally worse than any radical right wing nutjob. They are stupid like the Kevin Kline character in ‘A Fish Called Wanda’, which is the worst kind of stupid because it’s the kind of stupid that thinks it’s smart.

  • aww…I guess you weren’t amused ) lol

  • furious buddha is such an oxymoron and a regular moron too

  • bye bye buddha, you’re not very funny anymore. scurry on back to your own little kingdom of darkness

  • waving to echinopsia! RD talked about how hard you worked in Denver.

    Thanks for posting that bit on Palin/abortion. I was looking for it earlier.


  • Geniusboy-
    I think my new name for you will Mr. Deletiepants.

    Come on, it’s funny! Can’t you take a joke?

  • jmac, Get a divorce. You guys are not meant for each other.

    Also don’t miss my party.

  • Who is deleting my posts? Do I need to get another email address and nick? Come on guys, this is childish.

  • Ah, the ignoring me to talk to each other about a private topic gambit. The Innocent Bystanders liked to do this. They would start talking about each other’s kids and surgeries to make them sound more human and not like the callow twits they were merely moments earlier. What is astonishing to me is how quickly we have progressed to this point.

  • CDR-
    Don’t mention me or your deleted posts. It will get you sent to the cornfield. These are not very tolerant people.

  • And if you are a feminist who supports Roe v. Wade go ahead and vote for McCain. The Republicans need just another conservative Supreme Court judge.

  • By the way I have nothing against McCain or Palin. At least they stand for what they believe in, i.e., Republican policies.

    What do you guys stand for?

  • CDR-
    As far as I can tell, they stand for their own elevated sense of self-importance. I voted for Hillary in the Illinois primary, but these people embarass me. It’s like having my inbred racist cousin visit me at work.

  • Boo.

  • They say on CNN that the crowd booed when Palin mentioned Hillary, and they make it sound like Hillary’s supporters don’t support Palin.


    I tried to post a comment, but they are moderating. I guess they just want comments that support their delusions?

    I am going to the McCain rally in Missouri tomorrow. I got the tickets before he picked Palin, so I guess I luck out getting to see the first Republican woman on a national ticket.

    I am sure the boos were Obama trolls at the rally.

  • jennie-
    Sometimes I wonder why I bother doing this sort of thing, and then I read something like ‘I tried to post a comment, but they are moderating. I guess they just want comments that support their delusions?’

    That is so priceless I can’t even begin to describe it. Thank you. You made this a worthwhile evening’s diversion.

  • 7 Responses to “PUMA is afraid of this post.”

    1. If you’re going to deal with insanity – you should at least get paid like I do, LOL!
      It sucks for people that so enjoy having something to rail against that they keep doing so beyond reason. My god – we only get 1 life, they should enjoy it!!

    2. Some people really enjoy riding the Bitter Train. We used to know some of them.

      I’m working on the tarot paintings. I’m doing ‘The World’. I’m loving it. Pictures some time soon…
      How’s by you?

    3. fsudirectory Says:

      Id like to know why the PUMA PAC Leader Murphy released e-mails of people that did not support them and go as far as to threaten people and claim they are obama pi’s !


    4. Yeah, dude. Same blog over here. You just said that one post over. You also said the same thing at ‘Palinfan1’, but that makes sense, because that’s a different blog. If you don’t want people to call you an ‘Obamabot’, don’t act like one. Or, are you some sort of new spam software? Am I making jokes with a robot? The future is fraking weird, man.
      Winston Delgado

    5. Jeez, what drivel! Deletion was simply clearing inanity out of the way.

      BTW, that anyone who supports Obama could call anyone else on “an elevated sense of self-importance” is so dim-wittedly hypocritical as to defy dsscription.

      Did you think he holds his nose so high in the air to try and escape his own BO? Please do tell ..

    6. Brian H-
      Good luck to your guy tomorrow. Hooray for Democracy.

    7. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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