Me n’ Barack, we’re like this.

It occured to me tonight in a way it never had before that if Barack Obama were elected President of the United States I would have more in common with him than anyone who has ever held or even been nominated for that job. I was in the beer garden of Resi’s with friends (Mr & Mrs Mayweather, Miss Isabelle, Tin Hat Pat, two Lauras and a dude I barely know) talking about the times when this epiphany passed through my mind. For one thing, I know people who know him, which I could also say about the Clintons but in a far more removed way. For another, he lives in my city. We both know the same neighborhoods, storms and stadiums. We both spent our childhood in an age when the Moon was first thought of not as a mystery but a place to go. Mr & Mrs Mayweather were married in the same room as Barack & Michelle, and I had the honor of performing the ceremony. It’s one of my favorite memories; a rare perfect moment when the Earth stood still and I witnessed the beautiful union of souls up close in the glorious golden glow of a sunset eclipsed by the first kiss of two people truly in love. I will never forget that room and I wasn’t even getting married. I know Barack and Michelle will never forget that room either. There’s other things we share in common; I bet that he has had the urge to smoke a cigarette recently, for example. Also, he speaks to my politics better than any other candidate I’ve ever heard. We have the same ideas about the world, but his are better conceived and expressed. I initially supported Clinton for many reasons, not the least of which was that I believed for a long time that she would be the stronger candidate in November. Perhaps it was a Chicagoan’s Second City mentality at work, but I wasn’t very dazzled by our hometown boy at first. I witnessed the hilariously improbable cakewalk Obama had made into his Senate seat and didn’t think he had the chops to beat the Republicans. After watching the debates earlier this year I came to change my mind about this. I was impressed mightily by him. Also the ferocious arguments I had with Miss Mayweather and the Port Awesome Crew (some great new posts there BTW) helped to convince me that I had judged too hastily. I don’t regard myself as an Obamamaniac; I think he’s as fallible as any human. It’s just that I have come to believe that an Obama Presidency has the potential to be transformative in a very positive way for America. I don’t see that same potential anywhere else at the moment. When I was walking out through the bar, Senator Obama was speaking on one TV and the Cubs game was on the other. Nearly every rapt eye was linked to the end of the bar where Obama was speaking. His voice was the only sound in the place. Even the bartender stood smiling at the speech in Denver. One woman sat alone with a sour twist in her face and her back to the room as she watched the Cubs lose. I smiled at her as I left and said, ‘don’t worry, maybe next time.’ She glared at me.

5 Responses to “Me n’ Barack, we’re like this.”

  1. My eleven year old was spellbound. ELEVEN! I think I had may of had the best viewing partner ever.

  2. i tried to post from the heathrow business lounge yesterday, but the crappy laptops were being crappy, so i couldn’t. 😦 As i walked into the lounge I saw McCain on screen with a woman and couldn’t quite work out what was going on. I checked the news-ticker at the bottom: ‘McCain chooses Palin as running mate and thought *michael* Palin? didn’t think he could stand, as he isn’t a citizen. ?? Then it twigged – I’m suprised you haven’t posted your thoughts, so I’ll pre-empt them with my own 🙂

    so, no matter what, we will have a brother or a sister in the whitehouse next year – which is truly momentous, no matter how you look at it. I had the opportunity to read a lot about mcCain on my flight back to Glasgow. He certainly seems to be quite a guy, and apart from his politics (which may not be the first thing that the American electorate look at in this popularity contest) he does seem to be an excellent choice for Republican candidate.

    Selecting Palin is very astute – All of Hillarys disappointed supporters, The PUMA folk as well as the non politically aligned people will look to Palin to compensate for their disappointment that HRC didn’t get the democratic nomination. And the best person to pull those voters back to Obama, Is Hillary. As without the official political process, she can rottweiler Palin. If Obama did it, he would look unchivalrous and push those women voters even further away. Hillary is still very much a key player in this election to my mind.

    best dash – await your comments above with interest. 🙂

  3. Hey baby-
    I’m working on a post that has my comments on all of the above. I’ve actually had a busy couple of last few days. I hope your London trip went well and that you get the job (crosses fingers, hopes hard).

  4. i know, i posted it and then thought, you know, he probably has better things to do of a Friday night than update his blog, just so i can hear what he thinks about Palin! (this presidency is deceased! it is an ex presidency! (oh I’m sure thats been done already…)

    still plenty of hoops to jump through to get the job – back in London on 12th Sept, another unspecified date and probably late october before i know. I met the private secretary to the minister of state yesterday, which was a huge buzz – and if nothing else i might get a couple of weeks in private office next year in the summer – which would be amazing/ 🙂 getting a bit ‘meh’ at going home so often – there are only so many times i can entertain myself of an evening by going to see avenue Q alone. 🙂

  5. I love when we’re both ‘here’ at the same time.
    I’m still working on the Palin post. Yeah, I keep having Python flashbacks every time I see the ‘McCain/Palin’ headlines, but that’s probably appropriate as the whole thing is really absurd.

    That is so cool. You have no idea how proud I am of you. Last night we had a lovely party here at the house and I was showing off the portraits of you to the guests. (To be fair, I was showing them all off, but three of them are of you.) After this post I’m going to spend the day painting. I’m going to start my Tarot series and I’m really excited about it. More in a bit…
    I don’t know how anyone could be ‘meh’ about London!

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