Well done, Hillary.

I thought HRC’s speech to the convention was magnificent. Couldn’t really have been better. I didn’t even mind the Harriet Tubman bit. I have always admired her and feel that often in this campaign her worst enemies have been her advisers, supporters, and advocates. Consider the shrill narcissitic PUMA‘s, her bumbling campaign staff, and certainly not least her smooth talking husband who managed to stick his entire leg into his mouth at times. In any case, tonight Senator Clinton demonstrated class that raised her above the muck she waded through to get to that podium. She certainly didn’t deliver her own eulogy. She has a great future ahead of her which I hope includes being Senate Majority Leader as well as a future presidential candidate. She’ll still be younger than McCain is now in ’16.

BTW-I don’t know if she’s drunk and ranting, but the PUMA lunatic who blogs at ‘Riverdaughter’ who claims to be a ‘rational, moderate Democrat’ who wants to ‘unite the country’ just wrote this: ‘Thank GAWD Hillary didn’t pimp herself out for that long-legged Chicago mack daddy pimp. Scoop Mouth barely parted her lips during the whole speech she was so visibly disgusted with Hillary up on that big stage.’  As far as I’m concerned, McCain can have these racist shitheels.

UPDATE: Riverdaughter has since scrubbed the above from the original page. Lucky for us, I gots screencaps.

30 pm on 8/26/08

Screencap from one of PUMA's 'official bloggers 8/26/08 11:30 pm

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