Happy International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

It’s my brother’s birthday today. Go hug a fireman.

It’s also International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. None of us free if one of us is enslaved. 27 million of us are enslaved today. Go hug an abolitionist.

A librarian is fired for writing a book. Despite using pseudonyms, Sally Stern-Hamilton was discovered to be the author of Library Diaries by her bosses and was fired. Apparently she didn’t go far enough to disguise the subjects of her writing which is the reason the library director gave for his action. On the one hand, this is terribly ironic as a library is supposed to be a fortress of free speech. On the other, the book is sold out at Amazon, so it’s probably a really nice way to kick off a publishing career.

Obama picked Biden as his running mate. I think he’s a good choice. Of course, Obama could be running with Jesus and that wouldn’t be satisfactory to his critics who have left rationality behind for incoherent hate. The Clown Factory of right wing thought has been producing even more refined product than usual the closer we come to the possible reality of an African-American being elected president. ‘Unhinged’ is an apt if overused descriptor for the state of mind of these folks. When Fox is turning to Worldnetdaily’s Jill Stanek for their information and talking points, it is obvious that the maniacs have gone mainstream. It is a common Republican tactic to smear Democrats with the charge that the ‘radical left wing’ of the party is calling the shots and to charge candidates with guilt by association. Meanwhile, the radical right wing is front and center in Republican attacks. I believe that Freud referred to this sort of thing as ‘projection‘. Consider that Jerome Corsi, another WND ‘reporter’ and author of ‘The Obama Nation’ has promoted his book on white supremacist radio shows while being embraced by Fox, Limbaugh, and the like.

4 Responses to “Happy International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition”

  1. ‘In 2007, he described Mr Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”.

    what, ever? really? hasn’t be heard of Bill Cosby??? :! sometimes, my dearest friend, i do not like how you refuse any criticism of Mr Obama. from all the way over here, looks like he chose a bloke in a suit. nothing revolutionary about that – nothing to change the way we do things – just trying to appease the narrow minded and worrymongers that he doesn’t have the experience to do the office of president justice, by selecting an old safe hand. really, i guess VP isn’t that important (impotent?) an office unless something unimaginable happens, but it’s there as a qualifier, to appease those worried by too much ‘change’. to hold a status quo in a way.

    euff, sorry. i should never apologise for my opinions, but sometimes i need to pick holes at you and your shiny eyedness. 🙂

    I love the paintings (no time to post in that entry!) and do check out the trailer for the US version of ‘life on mars’, because, dear lord! it looks awful compared to the original 🙂 I just finished watching series two of torchwood – I need to go and list the 20 CDs that got stolen from my car break in yesterday 😡

    love to my american cousins


  2. Darling D,
    I am so sorry to hear your car was broken into! That’s awful. I saw the trailer for the American version of ‘Life on Mars’ and am now determined to watch the BBC one. It can’t be as bad as the American version of ‘Coupling’. Nothing can.

    I was, of course, being somewhat sarcastic. I think Biden is a choice meant to appeal to the wary old guard Dems, the independents, and the moderate right. If it seems like appeasement, then so be it. These are the the people who must be appeased in order for Barack Obama to become President. He can’t change the way things are done until he is President, and even then he will need a Congress that is willing to work with him. Biden has great pull in the Senate which will be very useful to an Obama Administration. The Vice Presidency is a more subtle office than people give it credit for, and Dick Cheney has demonstrated exactly how powerful it can be.

    Of course, Biden’s gaffe was atrotiously stupid if not actually racist. I think by ‘clean and nice-looking’ he may have had Sharpton in mind. Sharpton is not nice-looking, especially when you consider how he used to dress, and by ‘clean’ I think Biden may of been thinking of the shady pasts and connections people like Sharpton and Jackson as well as Carol Moseley Braun had. He probably didn’t consider Shirley Chisolm at all. In any case, it was clearly thoughtless, but obviously it didn’t bother Barack very much.

    Obama won’t win in November by tacking left. It’s a simple reality that the American Political Psyche blows to the right; perhaps it’s our lack of a thousand years of history that makes us cling to attitudes and politics that no longer serve us, but in any case it is a pragmatic reality that Obama has to deal with in order to win. One of the reasons I like him and think that he’s smart is that he seems to understand this fact. The status quo doesn’t like being changed even when it needs it, and often has to be appeased, flattered and forced into improving itself. If Obama can get himself elected President, he might be able to talk the status quo into what it needs to do.
    But then, I could be a doe-eyed naif. 😉

    love across the sea

  3. And I’m glad you like the paintings. 🙂

  4. Sigh. A lot of ‘mericans still need the “comfort” of a white-haired white man. Whatever, that’s fine. Although Obama’s far from perfect, we’re still excited like we’ve never been before and we’re a PART of history!

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