I think that shut them up.

Two days without any comments from the racists or even a ping from their private threads. It is as if my dedicated little audience of nazi trolls has suddenly abandoned me for some reason. I suppose I offended their delicate sensibilities with my coarse language and childish insults. Perhaps they were so filled with apoplectic outrage at my disrespectful display they fainted across their keyboards where their drool pooled until it shorted out their computers, leaving them unable to fill my comment boards with their genius. It’s not my best theory, I’ll admit, but it certainly makes more sense than racists being cowardly bullies who love to talk tough but scurry like cockroaches when the kitchen light gets turned on. Or maybe not.

I’m going to try and get some pictures up of paintings by tomorrow. Yesterday I visited my parents and my aunt, did some shopping, and read a good chunk of Colleen McCullough’s ‘Antony and Cleopatra’. I also finished the Tribune’s devilishly tough crossword from Sunday. Today I’m doing more painting. I want to try and get the next step of ‘Hypatia’ done this week.

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