Dear Allison the Racist

I got this comment on a recent post. The following is my response. I do realize that Allison is surely the same troll now wearing a dress, but I chose to ignore this common right wing sock puppet tactic in favor of the much richer irony the comment itself contained.  

Dear Allison,

These aren’t counterpoints. I’m not debating with you. Stop flattering yourself. Also, stop using big words you don’t understand. It makes you sound even stupider, if that were possible. However, I must thank you for this comment in any case, as it is one of the best ones I have ever received at this site. I mean, I’m getting complaints regarding my rude characterizations of racists from racists! That kind of magic irony doesn’t come along every day. Really, Allison, it’s like something out of the Onion. That’s special. However, since you are a racist who is a proud member of a site called ‘niggermania’ you probably don’t have a fine grasp of irony or satire and don’t get half of what I’m saying. So I’ll try to explain myself to you with complete honesty without any wit or lawyerly language.

I don’t think that you’re subhuman. I believe you are just as human as I am and that you are one of the perfect and beautiful Children of God. If you were injured by the side of the road I would stop and help you. If you were ill and needed my blood I would give it to you. If you were wrongly attacked I would defend you. The thing is, Allison, I feel this way about everybody else. And I mean everybody. People who know me think that I’m a soft touch with the hard luck cases, and they’re right. My special love is for the lowly and disregarded and I am not impressed by money or fame. I know people who possess all of these things and everything else a person can have or be denied and I tell you that all of them are equal in my eyes. They are all human, all beautiful, and they are all my brothers and sisters. I love you and your friends and it pains me to see you filled with so much hate for our kin and to so lovingly embrace the AntiChrist embodied in Hitler and his ilk. The sin of Lucifer was to set himself apart and above his fellow angels and this truly original sin is echoed in the delusion of supremacists who dream they can do the same here on Earth. One cannot love Jesus and hate people at the same time. The God that racists imagine whispering to them that they are superior and entitled by their birth to some noble privilege is actually the voice of Satan, the evil one. I slapped you with your own words and it got your attention, and while I have it for this brief moment I will use it to exhort you to reconsider everything you have ever believed to be true.
We make our own Heavens and Hells, and what racists craft for themselves are ugly and hot places indeed. The places they try to make for others can be even worse, which is why I think that supremacists of any stripe are best left isolated and marginalized to their own private madness if they refuse to come to their senses. I urge you to come to yours.

My unlimited love to y’all,
-Winston Delgado

4 Responses to “Dear Allison the Racist”

  1. Clearly I think you and Allison are both masking a pent-up sexual frustration and unbridled attraction towards each other and will assuredly fall madly in love eventually and move to Minnesota or somewhere similar and live happily ever after with the numerous children you will have together while operating a small suburban bakery and selling subscriptions to Reader’s Digest and Ebony.

    On the other hand, you two trying to top one another with your witty little rants is about as entertaining as watching pipes rust.

  2. Bolsonon-
    Then go find something to amuse you. This is how I have fun. Apparently you do it by complaining about the lack of entertaining material on random blogs, completely unlike a sock puppet.

  3. Whoa Nelly….

    Winston, I believe you’ve uncovered a rare treasure here. “Allison” seems to be attempting to demand respect for “her” belief that certain among her fellow human beings are subhuman. I’m sure if you asked, she’d give you all kinds of skewed reasons for her belief, backed up with pseudo-scientific explanations. (I bet phrenology comes into play.)

    But you, Winston, are the bad guy here, because you will not give respect to someone who believes black people are animals who cannot control themselves. And what’s next for you, Winston–will you deny the inherent goodness of some other poster just because they believe that Hitler was right to attempt genocide against the Jews? Jeez, Winston–so narrow-minded. I suppose next you’ll tell us running over kittens with lawnmowers makes us unfit to live in proper society.

  4. Prof-
    My anti-running-over-kittens-with-lawnmower stance is well documented.

    I think that they’ve gotten so used to people like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Jerome Corsi treating them nicely that they think they are entitled to respect. They seem genuinely shocked that I would characterize them harshly. What is most hilarious is that these big tough supremacists are actually whining about it. It is special, really.


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