Sasa and Zamani

An American Hero Dies
The words ‘sasa’ and ‘zamani’ are Swahili words denoting different modes of thinking about time. Sasa is the recent past of active events that are still unresolved. Zamani is the past that is done. Literally, sasa is a period from about six to twelve months and zamani is all that has come before. Sasa is time that everyone alive has experienced and zamani is that which becomes mythology. James Hoyt was one of the liberators of Buchenwald and saw firsthand the atrocities of the Nazis. He entered the camp without knowing what he would find and radioed back a single word. ‘Horror’. He bore the burden of witness through his entire life. He is one of the people who kept the Holocaust from slipping into the zamani from the sasa. Our sasa is filled with those who deny the Holocaust happened and other useless Nazi fanboys who pine for a fascist golden age that never was. As time marches on, their voices become louder as there are fewer and fewer voices of witness to rebut them. James Hoyt was tormented by nightmares his entire life and rarely if ever spoke about his experiences. He finally talked to a journalist a few years ago. As sasa moves on we will lose every person with living memory of the events of the first half of the last century and the Holocaust will become zamani. We must gather the testimonies of every possible witness to prevent the Holocaust from ever becoming myth.

Consider that Jerome Corsi, writer for Worldnetdaily and author of a smear book about Obama, is appearing on a radio show run by a white supremacist Holocaust denier. He was just on CNN on Larry King Live. Even if the guy from Media Matters was there in the interview to call out Corsi on his garbage, the fact is that this sort of sewage is more in the mainstream now than it has ever been. These deniers and racists are smearing the memories of people like James Hoyt. We cannot allow these liars to speak for the dead.

6 Responses to “Sasa and Zamani”

  1. My dad spent four years at Buchenwald as a prisoner and talked often about the horrors of that place. He used to say that everyday he thought about killing himself.

    When the Americans finally came, he blessed them and their parents and all the children they would ever have.

    In my life, I’ve met both survivors of the camps and some of the liberators. They are all simple, quiet, ordinary men, and I am fortunate to have one of the liberators in my family. My wife’s Uncle Buddy Calendrillo was one of the first liberators at the Ohrdruf concentration camp.

    He can barely talk about what he remembers seeing, but he forces himself to go on and what he says about the prisoners in that concentration camp is simple and human and profound: “They were just people.”

    I’ve written about him and what he means to me at my blog:

  2. Joachim Zommer Says:

    We all know for a fact that the set of pictures CNN published regarding James Hoyt and Buchenwald forced work camp are fake. We all know there were six (6) million dead Jews. Those Jews in the pictures were alive; in bad shape, but alive, nonetheless. If he took those pics for the world to see, it is evident the whole thing is a blatant fabrication.

    James Hoyt was no hero. He was a fascist liar who wanted to portray Germans as “evil”, but not ‘that evil’. Every single Jew that went into Buchenwald died tortured and starved to death.The only truth is that six million Jews died; SIX MILLION, almost the entire Jewish population in Western Europe. Buchenwald was a massive tomb. Nobody came out of it alive.

    America owes to Jews for all the lies it has protected to fabricate a good image of Germans. Germans are all evil and all of them should have been starved to death and tortured just as my ancestors were. We continue to be the victims of the world and America has been just another nation of those to have double standards for its population. Jews have always suffered prosecution in America, even though its government boasts being Israel’s ‘best friend and protector’.

    James Hoyt was a liar. No one came out alive from Buchenwald. I am Jewish I know what I am talking about. I know suffering from under my skin. Whomever criticizes my words is just another fascist liar just like Hoyt.

  3. John-
    Thank you so much for sharing that. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added you to my blogroll. I really liked what I read at your site.

  4. Joachim-
    Based on your incoherent ravings I’ll assume that you’re one of my new trolls from ‘niggermania’. Please seek medical attention. Tell the doctors you are insane and they’ll take it from there. I do appreciate the post, however, as it is always revealing when a person with little grasp of irony attempts to pretend to be something they’re not. Your main problem is that you are festering to make some kind of argument about how there is some kind of reasonable doubt about the Holocaust and so you show your hand. Your persecution complex is certainly on full display. That’s why I’m leaving this one up. It’s a fine specimen.
    -Winston Delgado

  5. Winston, he is not the kind of ill that needs a doctor. He is the kind of ill that needs to sit behind bars.

  6. Lily,
    As always, I defer to your expert opinion.

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