Bad News

RIP Chicago boy Bernie Mac
It didn’t take long for terrorism to strike the Olympics
Russia invades a pro-American ally while the President cheers on athletes.

In a much smaller and less significant piece of bad news, apparently the troglodyte mouthbreathers at ‘’ are up and running and have noticed me. I removed the most atrocious comments and responded to the only one that used anything even resembling language. There is apparently a forum thread at their site with a link to something here. It sort of jumped out on the list of sites that are feeding visitors here. Being big brave white racists, they’ve got their site all locked up so that you can’t even see what they’re talking about unless you register with them (correction: I was able to view a number of their clever posts but was specifically unable to see the thread that linked here without registering which struck me as slightly ominous). I was curious enough to see what someone on that site could possibly have linked to here and attempted to register but I doubt I’ll make it past their moderators, even trying with a handle like ‘niggerlover’. I completely blew it by giving a fake email address, but I ate a bunch of hallucinogenic mushrooms earlier this evening and am not thinking as clearly as usual. The motto of the site is ‘If you can’t handle it, go sleep with the apes’. Their ‘super moderators’ have handles like ‘Another angry white’ and ‘antinigg’. Some of them refer to themselves as ‘gorilla fighters’. There’s oodles of predictable stuff involving Obama. Their avatars are as clever as one could imagine. Here’s a particularly delightful one: This thoughtful fellow goes by the handle ‘mllukewarm’. Apparently his hobbies and occupation both include ‘hating niggers’. I’m not one to infringe on anyone’s First Amendment rights, but according to the forum rules of ‘’, “Although the administrators and moderators of The Forums of Niggermania will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of The Forums of Niggermania, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.The owners of The Forums of Niggermania reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.” When I read the previous disclaimer I shook with deep, dark laughter and then remembered that I had eaten a bunch of hallucinogenic mushrooms earlier and that this wasn’t funny at all. This is how these mealy mouthed cowards cover their asses when people incite others to racially motivated violence on their site.

I’m really kind of hoping that the thread that linked here is about race traitors. I can think of no higher honor than for a bunch of inbred mouthbreathing hate-filled ignoramuses to consider me a traitor to their moronic race of losers. That’s right, you heard me, losers. You lost the civil war, Jim Crow is a memory, and a black guy is about to become President. He may only be half-black, but it’s a start. The Current Occupant has certainly demonstrated that the bottom of the white guy barrel has been scraped. You racist morons insist that you are superior, but you lose at every single turn of history and you are about to lose again. I am sincerely hoping that this is the last time your stupid ugly head comes out of the mud to try and insist upon it’s brilliant beauty to the exclusion of all else. The sooner we leave you forgotten on the dungheap of history, the better for our entire species. I also understand that you take pride in your beliefs, but have no illusions; yours is the pride that an unwashed retarded manchild takes in the contents of his freshly soiled diaper; it’s a big deal to you, but the rest of us aren’t nearly as impressed.

56 Responses to “Bad News”

  1. If you truly are superior… do you really need to go about shouting it?
    Would you really be so *angry* all the time??

    Yea, I think I already know the answers to those questions.

    Why are you drawing attention to them? I’m sure the FBI is already on it.

  2. Lily,
    Cockroaches run from the light. The right wing noise machine insists that these creeps are anecdotal or nonexistent and the FBI has been exceptionally lax in pursuing these kinds of cases during the Bush Administration. While the threat of international terrorism that Al Qaeda and associated groups present is real, the threat of domestic terrorism presented by White Supremacists is even greater but barely acknowledged. I don’t need to tell you that American hate groups are responsible for far more dead Americans than Osama bin Laden could ever hope to achieve. Pretending they are not there only helps them out.

    And to answer your rhetorical question, I think they’re angry because they’re jealous of the people who have opposable thumbs.

  3. Our Niggermania site is not hateful at all. We don’t hate niggers any more than we hate apes, rats, or dogs. We just correctly see them as the animals that they are. I admit that several of our new members may express hate toward niggers, we try to guide them and teach them to change their way of thinking and view niggers not as humans but as the retarded, morph apes that they are. We used to have more on this subject – including scientific studies and links – in our part of our site but that is temporarily down due to attacks and hacking. It should be back up sometime in September and has hundreds of pages of our facts and human pages enlightening people as to the true nature of niggers. In our over 12 years on the internet, we have never had any of the facts at or site proven wrong. Not one.

    Thank you for mentioning us and while you claim to support Free Speech, I can only wonder after reading your review.

  4. Tom-
    Do you get excited when you say ‘nigger’? Is it thrilling to anonymously shout ugly things that make other people upset? Does it make you feel less impotent in your real life? In other words, when you characterize your fellow human beings as animals does it help you get a hard on? What is a ‘human page’?
    I absolutely support freedom of speech, Tom. I even support yours. What you have to understand is that I also have freedom of speech. Calling you out as a twisted regressive cousinhumper who uses cowardly weasle words to cover his ass is how I choose to excersize mine. Your members are full of hate and violent fantasies that you nurture. Far too many people wish to ignore your existence. I think it’s a bad idea to ignore cockroaches in your house. I sincerely hope the hackers and denial of service attackers find ‘’ soon.
    I will leave your post intact as documentary evidence of this conversation. However, any future posts by you that use racial slurs will simply be deleted. I believe in freedom of speech, but this is my teahouse and I keep it free of vermin.
    Winston Delgado

  5. Your condescending arrogant tone show exactly how unarmed you are Mr. Delgado. Every counterpoint you attempt to exhibit contains references to your genitals and forms of depraved sexual activity. Your obsession with such should be disturbing to you as you reread your ridiculously childlike replies. People who find you and your love for jungle beasts repulsive are not always sexually dysfunctional. Your assumptions that they are show a very limited capacity to reason. You consistently attribute your disillusioned beliefs to having opposable thumbs, thus calling racists less than human. Yet you are appalled that we believe blacks to be nothing more than wild savage animals set free upon an unsuspecting society. Your hypocrisy does little to reinforce your argument sir.

  6. Dear Allison,

    These aren’t counterpoints. I’m not debating with you. Stop flattering yourself. Also, stop using big words you don’t understand. It makes you sound even stupider, if that were possible. However, I must thank you for this comment in any case, as it is one of the best ones I have ever received at this site. I mean, I’m getting complaints regarding my rude characterizations of racists from racists! That kind of magic irony doesn’t come along every day. Really, Allison, it’s like something out of the Onion. That’s special. However, since you are a racist who is a proud member of a site called ‘niggermania’ you probably don’t have a fine grasp of irony or satire and don’t get half of what I’m saying. So I’ll try to explain myself to you with complete honesty without any wit or lawyerly language.

    I don’t think that you’re subhuman. I believe you are just as human as I am and that you are one of the perfect and beautiful Children of God. If you were injured by the side of the road I would stop and help you. If you were ill and needed my blood I would give it to you. If you were wrongly attacked I would defend you. The thing is, Allison, I feel this way about everybody else. And I mean everybody. People who know me think that I’m a soft touch with the hard luck cases, and they’re right. My special love is for the lowly and disregarded and I am not impressed by money or fame. I know people who possess all of these things and everything else a person can have or be denied and I tell you that all of them are equal in my eyes. They are all human, all beautiful, and they are all my brothers and sisters. I love you and your friends and it pains me to see you filled with so much hate for our kin and to so lovingly embrace the AntiChrist embodied in Hitler and his ilk. The sin of Lucifer was to set himself apart and above his fellow angels and this truly original sin is echoed in the delusion of supremacists who dream they can do the same here on Earth. One cannot love Jesus and hate people at the same time. The God that racists imagine whispering that they are superior and entitled by their birth to some noble privilege are listening to Satan, the evil one. I slapped you with your own words and it got your attention, and while I have it for this brief moment I will use it to exhort you to reconsider everything you have ever believed to be true.
    We make our own Heavens and Hells, and what racists craft for themselves are ugly and hot places indeed. The places they try to make for others can be even worse, which is why I think that supremacists of any stripe are best left isolated and marginalized to their own private madness if they refuse to come to their senses. I urge you to come to yours.
    -Winston Delgado

  7. “””Do you get excited when you say ‘nigger’?””””

    No. Why should I?

    “””” Is it thrilling to anonymously shout ugly things that make other people upset?”””

    I don’t anonymously shout ugly things.

    If you are referring to my website, I am not anonymous at all. My name is Tom Shelly and I live in Los Angeles. I do not hide my beliefs at all. Everyone around me knows how I feel and many of them feel the same way too.

    If everyone dared not express things that ‘make other people upset’ it would be a very strange world, wouldn’t it? All sorts of groups and actions by people would be allowed and no one would be called out for their behavior.

    By your logic – since you are saying things that make me upset by critisizing me and my site – that would make you ‘shouting ugly things that make other people upset’ too.

    “”””Does it make you feel less impotent in your real life? In other words, when you characterize your fellow human beings as animals does it help you get a hard on?””””

    No, I do not get sexually excited by posting the truth about the ‘black race’ or posting factual data about how they act. I find it very strange that you would think so.

    Also, I invite you to look at the factual data I have on my site from renowned scientists, including Darwin himself, that support the fact that blacks should be considered a separate species.

    This nonsense that blacks are special and that no one is allowed to criticize them or publish factual data about them as a group or they are a ‘hateful racist’ is ridiculous. Even when other blacks say it – such as Bill Cosby – they are called Uncle Toms and white sell-outs. In fact, by you acting in a way that you think is right – by calling everyone who doesn’t support blacks and their behavior as racist – you are actually keeping them in their status quo as victims.

    The fact of the matter is that there are vast differences between blacks and other groups and no amount of free programs and special treatment over the last 40 years has changed that one bit. You can sweep that under the rug all you want and try to censor those who speak the truth by vilifying them as sexually impotent racists full of hate but sooner or later, as the black population increases and so does the problem, more and more people will finally acknowledge the obvious.

    I appreciate you for keeping these comments up and at least attempting to defend your position. It’s more than most people in your position do.

  8. Tom-
    Two months later and you’re still upset? I must’ve struck a nerve. Good. That means I have your attention. Read closely.

    You are conflating issues and attributing viewpoints to me that I have never asserted. This is irrelevant as I have nothing to defend. You, on the other hand, seem quite defensive while being proudly offensive. You have barged into my teahouse preaching hate and shouting vulgarities; that you are proud of the feces you fling the way a juvenile delinquent swells when he scrawls an obscenity in a textbook doesn’t lend any credence to your intellectual pretensions. That you are so bothered by my speculations of your intimate inadequacies doesn’t say much for your potency. I don’t leave your comments up for your benefit; they are for my entertainment and the edification of my readership. You serve as a cautionary example for what we all can become if we allow ourselves to be consumed by our fear and anger. Sin wraps itself around our soul with barbed wire fear and hot tar hate. The angels that try to help pull it free seem like demons when they try to tear our sins from us.

    I don’t hate you, Tom, and I don’t want to be your tormentor. I would like to be your liberator. It can be painful to let go of cherished beliefs, but I am pointing out to you that the beliefs you cherish so deeply are a handful of dogshit. You would be well served to drop them and wash yourself. You’ll feel better right away.

    You say that nothing has changed one bit in 40 years. I am inviting you to take off your hood and look around. The world you live in is a very different place than it was 40 years ago; it changed while you were nurturing your hate and feeding your fears. God loves you, Tom, as God loves everyone. It is nothing for me to forgive your trespasses here because you caused no harm; none of my readers will find your words beguilingly seductive. I cannot forgive your hate or the distortions and lies you spread because those are not trespasses against me but against God and all His children; absolution for that is not mine to grant but yours to accept when you decide to.
    Winston Delgado

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  10. Well done, Winston.

    )If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;
    And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;
    For you will heap burning coals on his head,
    And the LORD will reward you.

    Prov. 25:22-23.

  11. Michael-
    I have never so sincerely appreciated you and the other Innocent Bystanders as much as I do right in this moment. You have made my day. Thank you.
    -Winston Delgado

  12. PeopleShapedAnimals Says:

    Two months later and you’re still upset? I must’ve struck a nerve. Good. That means I have your attention. Read closely.”

    His reply didn’t sound angry, nor did it convey anger in any way. I suggest that you read the facts about a large portion of the black race, citing their criminal behavior, their drug use, their propensity to live off of the system, and their racist attitude… much more racist than any white person you will ever encounter. Black racists want to see every white person dead. Most white racists only want the nigger to be sent back to Africa. Understand, if those blacks didn’t act like niggers in the first place, those white racists wouldn’t even exist. Niggers are still hung up on slavery and the need to “get even wif whitey by killin him an she’it.”

    Instead of being angry at those who cite facts which expose the truth about a large portion of blacks, I suggest that you direct your anger toward that of blacks percentage for making the entire race look very bad. You should also direct your anger to the media, for instead of showing black persons as respectful, upstanding citizens of the community, they show them as crack-addicted, baggy-panted, low-life nigger gangsters. Thank MTV and BET for that, but please, quit directing your anger toward those who see the problem and cite facts or other factual data.

    The fact is, if you are called a certain name, be it nigger, cracker, criminal, loser, or any other negative name, and it isn’t true, you won’t be angered by it. The problem exists when the person called a particular name realizes that it might just be true. This is a psychological fact.

  13. So is that why you’re so agitated when I point out that racists tend to be sexually repressed losers who blame other people for their problems?
    Just a theory I’m working with.

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  15. PeopleShapedAnimals Says:

    You are looking at the wrong guy to prove or disprove your “sexual repression” theory, since I am hardly a racist – nor am I sexually repressed. I cannot condone bad behavior. What I have pointed out is factual. I firmly believe that there are niggers and black persons. I dispise the actions of niggers. I also despise their lack of self responsibility. If you want to label me a racist because of that, there is nothing I can do.

  16. While it is very funny to read your comments aloud in a silly voice, I realize that you are almost certainly a real individual who is suffering a deep soul sickness, although there is an outside chance that you’re just someone playing a joke. However, I doubt that some anonymous lurker has a sense of humor perverse enough to come up with lines that ring so authentically of a the kind of self-delusion that is indicative of a serious mental health issue. I sincerely hope you get help.

  17. PeopleShapedAnimals Says:

    Your skill of putting words into other people’s mouths is simply uncanny. And with your profound ability to assess one’s psychological state so accurately, you should perhaps open up your very own psychology practice.

    So what is your professional diagnosis of those black individuals who are so violent, hateful, vengeful, and lacking of self responsibility? Before you answer, you may want to take off your rose-colored glasses. 😛

  18. I am no physician and am not reaching for the splinter in your eye. I am, however, pointing out that you have a splinter in your eye. I wish I could put some rose colored glasses on, but I have a particularly enormous plank in my own eye which gives me headaches, makes me squint, and juts out several feet in front of my face. Apparently your splinter makes you see hordes of rampaging black people. Maybe you shouldn’t watch so much TV. But you will do as you will in any case, so good luck with that.

  19. Furious Buddha

    Tv is nothing but praise the black man bullshit. You could learn a lesson from Tom Shelly or PeopleShapedAnimals. Rampaging “black” people are everywhere and to find them, tv is the last place I would look.

    Food for thought dumbass

  20. You really do have the typical reading skills of a racist. Congratulations on being able to type. I’m curious, did you have help from a small child when leaving this comment, because I’m pretty sure this is fifth grade writing level and I don’t think you could do that all by yourself.
    -Winston Delgado

  21. Sai Baba Says:

    Your curse is now reflected upon YOU Winston. It will follow you till the end of eternity, unless you repent and take back the original curse you put on others.

  22. I just have to ask, I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t resist; what curse? I’m just SO very curious.

  23. That picture of the hanging black man is famous. He was convicted in the rape and murder of a ten year old girl. He was sentenced to be hanged. It was common in those days to have parties around public hangings of criminals, white or black. You look very stupid using that as an example of racism. It’s nothing more than a hanged pedophile murderer. Good riddance.

    • Dear James;

      ‘Convicted’ people are not hanged from trees by mobs. Not that long ago it was common for black men to be accused falsely of those sorts of crimes and then lynched by mobs. Your ability to lie to yourself about what you are looking at is staggering and your need to lie to me about it is pathetic. Good luck with your life.

      • Joe Myers Says:

        You are wrong and you don’t know your history, furious buddha. Convicted criminals were hanged by mobs and it was a public event not that long ago in the United States. In fact, parties and dances were created alongside the hanging. Especially in the west, this was common and it was a celebration to have hanging parties. If you don’t have an education or read books, you must have at least seen movies where this is depicted. A band would play, candy and popcorn sold and people would come from miles around to watch the hanging and have a party. I teach American history in a jr. college and while I don’t share the racist views of Tom Shelly, he is correct in that the pictures of hanged blacks are of convicted criminals and their meaning has been changed over the years to portray racism.

      • Joe-
        Maybe you should take some history classes; please see my above comment from several months ago. If you are seriously suggesting that we use movies to learn about history then you really have no business in front of any classroom; lazy incompetents like yourself are the reason that Jr Colleges have such a poor reputation (but then, I just got that from watching ‘Community‘)
        Lynching was about terrorism and the enforcement of Jim Crow laws; anything else you try to tell yourself is a lie that tries to soothe your troubled soul. Lynching was a way for the white majority to enforce their will upon minorities aside from being a way of providing mob ‘justice’. You are, however, correct that entire communities would gather for the spectacle of the murder by torture of an individual who may or may not have committed some legal or social transgression; schools would be closed and the mayor would often be present, but this does not make what happened legal or somehow ‘right’. Children were made to observe this barbarism as a way of desensitizing them to the humanity of blacks. When you know what actually happened it’s very disturbing to encounter people who try to distort and deny this history. It’s kind of hard to believe such straight-faced douchebaggery exists.
        I find it fascinating that this is the post people keep commenting on as if they are somehow going to ‘prove’ something about people like Tom Shelley and his mouthbreathing racist pals. This was originally posted in early August of 2008, nearly a year and a half ago and there is at least one obsessed nutjob out there who can’t let it go (I’m working under the assumption that it’s the same award-winner coming back over and over, rather than multiple lunatics who all care very much about the same blog post. I could be wrong, but I don’t care enough to bother checking.

      • Would love to see the humanity of blacks that you gush over, let me see, necklacing is one of them, you kow, when they take a diesel soaked tire and put it around someone’s neck and light it on fire. Atypical punishment in africa, haiti, which got what it deserved.

  24. nignogh8ter is right Says:

    After reading all of furious buddha’s comments on here, I must agree that the fat man is nothing more than a blind, low IQ, can’t see things for what they really are, retard. Media and the masses teach the people that blacks are the victims in everything that is done. When a black commits a crime against someone of a different race, it is because they are oppressed. When someone of a different race commits a crime against a black, it is a violent, lack of morals, hate crime. If you want to write a story about people oppressed based on who they are, look to a story on Jews (THE REAL SLAVES). Niggers are judged harshly because of the way they act, not the color of their skin.

    Take for instance, the doughnut effect. This inevitably occurs when hoards of niggers pool into good neighborhoods and turn them into a concrete jungle. Ever wonder why whites don’t live in the ghetto with niggers? It’s because they can’t stand their behavior, not because of their skin. How many drive-by’s have you ever heard about by a group of no-good, asshole, mohawked punk white kids in the sub-urbs? Hmm. Not many at all. Yet everyday I turn on the news and some nigger has killed a child on a street corner in the ghetto and is somehow the victim of racism and oppression, while true racist assholes like Jesse Jackson and that nigger-on-a-soapbox Al Sharpton go to bat for the fucking gangbanger.

    Now don’t get me started on the little white girls that think the ghetto is like heaven. They have been mislead in the worst way. They think that niggers are cool and guns are the shit. That is, until they end up lost in the wrong part of town and being assaulted and snarled at by a troop of niggers at a stoplight who are wanting a piece of that white ass. When a nigger wanders into a white neighborhood, the people say, “Jesus Christ, there goes the neighborhood.” When a white wanders into a nigger infested ghetto, “Hey Nigga, les beet dis muhfukkas ass. Punk cracka muhfukka.”

    Read this thouroughly before posting another one of your dipshit, off-the point, no-evidence-to-back-it-up replies.

    BTW MotherFucker, I live in the sub-urbs (for a good reason), and work in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Don’t tell me that this is made up bullshit. I fucking live it everyday. If you are reading this and you are a black person who is educated and works hard, then sorry for any offense and you should be a role model for the people of your race. I don’t know about you, but where I live, there isn’t anything cool about drive-by shootings, drug dealing, or living on wel-fare to support your 12 nigglets.


  25. Empathian Tolerance Says:

    What anger, what rage… what happened so very long ago that planted your seed of rage that now consumes you? I pray for you to one day find the peace and love that has eluded you thus far. Whatever happened to you when you were very long you need to know… it wasn’t your fault. I hope for your own sake and inner peace you find a way to forgive and to heal. Your words of anger towards others don’t hide the fear, pain, and self-loathing you feel – that no one should ever have to feel. May God bless you N.I.R.

  26. *Yawn*
    (stretches, scratches balls)
    Uh-huh. Do go on.

  27. Nice to see the full fledged nigger lovers are still out there, making every excuse possible for anything some jungle bunny does. Tell you what, take a stroll down some high unemployment decaying mill town in PA and see what happens to you, most likely nothing. THEN, take a nice leisurely stroll through, let’s say, Camden NJ and see what happens. Let me know what the results are. Though, I can guess.

  28. Dave-
    Humanity is full of ugly madness that can be found anywhere; look in your own mirror for a perfect example.

    Ps-Also, ‘Atypical’ means ‘rare’. You probably meant ‘A typical’, but suffered a typographical error due to the difficulty of typing without thumbs. Good luck with that evolution thing.

  29. 10 questions no negro or negro lover can dare answer:

    1. Why do negroes always claim whitey is so racist, yet they look down on darker niggers, reject their own women, and kill their “brothas” in record numbers?

    2. If the U. S. is such a bad place for negroes, what African toilet would they prefer to live in?

    3. Why are negroes still failing miserably 50 years after the civil rights movement, and after we humans have thrown trillions at the negro problem?

    4. While negroes whine about slavery (even though they were sold to humans by black tribes), why have negroes always been so easy to enslave by humans, throughout the last 6,000 years of history, and are even enslaved today in North Africa?

    5. If negroes are not apes, and not less evolved than humans, why do they have the cone-shaped ape cranium, the smaller, simpler ape brain, and low sloping ape forehead, the massive ape jaw and teeth, the yellowish ape eyes, the forward thrusting ape stance, the high protruding ape buttocks, and the long ape arms and hands?

    6. Why do negroes consistently score lowest not only on IQ tests (even those designed by the NAACP with symbols replacing language), but on SAT, LSAT, ACT, Iowa Basic Skills, every test designed by every branch of the military, and all intelligence tests conducted by all states?

    7. Why are the only successful negroes, outside of sports, the light skinned, high yellow hybrids?

    8. If all races are exactly alike, why are negroes over 80% of the NBA and NFL, 100% of world class men’s and women’s sprinters – yet comprise a fraction of 1% of people employed in the fields of science and technology?

    9. Why are we now discovering negroes DNA differs from human DNA?

    10. Why does the negro’s “proud” homeland of sub-Saharan Africa stand out today and throughout all of human history (including long before humans colonized it) as a vile cesspool of the most primitive naked savagery, animalistic violence, mindless superstitions, uncontrolled diseases of every imaginable kind, and sub-human, bestial ignorance lacking any technology or even written languages?

    Tom Shelly, by the way is the Tom Paine of the cyber age, and Niggermania is the Common Sense, alerting humans of the black cancer that is eating away at our society.

  30. Start citing sources and we’ll debate. Specifically for numbers 3, 6, 8, and especially 9. Also please define “successful” for number 7.

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  32. Concerned Citizen Says:


    Niggermania has a group called gorilla fighters that are planning a raid from the 24th to the 26th.

    As part of that raid they will insert code into the black voices site that contains photos and other material. The person who designed that code turns it off and on from his own server so he can control when it does and does not appear.

    So it seems that Tom Shelley lied, the Gorilla Fighters of Niggermania do promote hate and engage in actively disrupting websites.

    Just thought you would like to know.

  33. Whatever happened to egg nog and figgy pudding?

  34. ConcernedCitizen Says:

    Tom Shelly has quite the racket going. He uses that site to con people into contributing. It is well known among the people that have been on that site for awhile that those who do not contribute get banned. Of course Tom Shelly denies this but everyone on AWE (not a stellar site) and DownloadPolitics who have been members of niggermania know that the “ban hammer” comes down on those that don’t contribute while those that do are allowed to promote violence and use hate speech in the upper level areas (Honored Veteran and Gorilla Fighter). In those upper levels anything and everything goes.

  35. […] people involved in those events I would never blog about them. I am recounting these here for the lurkers below, folks who might feel sympathy to the terrorists’ views on multiculturalism and Muslims. The […]

  36. […] Yes, I know this has been here since last Monday but I have reached a point in my spiritual developm…. I find it funny how racists are obsessed with caca-doody; for despite their terror of contamination they still manage to fill their own skulls with filth. This sort of ironic backwardness should be expected but still somehow manages to fill me with surprised delight the same way an infant enjoys a game of peek-a-boo. […]

  37. Damn this was a little fun to read. I don’t even get mad at racists anymore. I realize that they are just angry because they failed at life and they need to feel superior to someone. I’m black/white and happen to own my business at the age of 21, I bring in $10,000 per month from doing photoshoots, directing and editing music videos, and people paying for studio time. I even write books during my spare time. I bet if half these racists got off of what blacks are doing and probably directed that hate into something positive, they may be happier with themselves and their lives.

    I do however feel sorry if any of these people have children. If they put these ideas in their children’s heads, you better believe that their kids will be future serial killers.

    It’s all sad though, really. They hate people like Barack Obama, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Oprah but, they’ll never reach the success or have the type of money these famous black people have. That’s why they’re so upset. I actually laugh at them because whenever I run into people that are like the niggermania people, I just think about all the money, success, and happiness I’ll probably have at 30 that they’ll never get to see or experience.

    • And that is the sweetest justice; I appreciate your comment very much Leniese92. You prompted me to read this whole thread for the first time top to bottom and I have to admit that it was a little fun to read, especially in light of Obama’s re-election.
      Eye on the prize.

  38. No problem. I know this thread is old but my friend told me that he came across the shit and he was extremely upset. I had told him to laugh it off after reading the site for a little bit. I feel that the people on there may be racist but I also think they are harmless. Their opinions and rants will not effect the progress that the people in this country continue to make every day.

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    for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The website style is perfect, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  40. I am a member of Niggermania. I hate niggers cause I am an old pathetic smelly faggot and not even a nigger would touch me. Keep donating to the cucky fund…err…I mean the forum. I wish Tom would invite me over when niggers fuck his wife and we’d jerk off in the closet together.

    Ed-I edited the URL of this avatar because the Teahouse will not provide traffic to Niggermania.

    • D’Nigreus-
      Your journals must be fascinating. I would love to subscribe to your newsletter.

      • D'Nigreus Says:

        You got a mention on Niggermania. Your avatar link about me is bullcrap. What’s next? You make fun of me cause I am gay? No self respecting queer would ever be fucked by a nigger but I do masturbate to the thought of it.

        Tom Shelly is a cuckold. That is well known on the internet. Want to know something funny? Louis Farakhan(Niggermania mod)’s beaner wife left him for a nigger bitch? Hahaha!

  41. It appears you have various intimacy issues that you are expressing through making inappropriate comments. Some people become excited by saying ‘dirty’ things to strangers; this is because they have the emotional development of a thirteen year old. It certainly has nothing to with being homosexual, straight, or bi; it is rather a reflection of the loneliness, frustration and lack of purpose an individual is experiencing. Thankfully, teh internets provide an outlet for these urges without a person needing to risk arrest or assault to catch a thrill. Should you decide to speak like a reasonable adult we can have conversation; should you continue to seek attention, you will be treated as a specimen.
    Have a lovely day.

  42. I like to fuck black men in the assholes

  43. Thank you for sharing, Billy. It’s nice of you to let us know you were there.

  44. This is an old article but still gives me the utmost satisfaction. As a person of Mixed-race, I was pretty offended by the site.

    Nowadays I try to laugh it off. They can say whatever shit they want, but at the end of the day they are just a bunch of pansies who wouldn’t say any of this shit in real life.

    I love how online racists talk so tough when in reality they would probably piss their pants in an actual confrontation. They’re obviously a bunch of insecure cowards who have deep-seeded issues and insecurities, they take their frustrations out on an easy target.

    A person with a sufficient amount of self-esteem wouldn’t waste their time being morons on the internet. They put so much time and energy into making racist websites when the could be using all that time for something positive.

    Its hilarious but also quite sad. They must feel very small and insignificant to spend so much time focusing on hating an entire race. They’re insecurities and cowardice are obvious.

    These guys are wasting their entire lives whining about blacks and mocking black celebrities. They could be enjoying their lives but instead choose to waste it. They don’t seem to have much of lives to begin with anyway though.

    Thank you for this article. It really did brighten my day.

  45. […] know that Stormfront has a link to at least one of my posts and that white supremacists visit this site. I also know that everyone, even the most ardent white […]

  46. […] grown bold as hate since Trump dropped the standard of acceptable public discourse into the sewer. A little over eight years ago I attracted the attention of white supremacist websites such as Stormf… and I got a clear look at the crazy racist rage that is fueling Trump’s base […]

  47. […] …well, that’s what one does on teh internets.  If you review some of my most viewed posts it should become quite clear why I started including the arguing with lunatics category which is […]

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