Petty Unreasonable Misanthropic Asses

It is a well-established political myth that nobody can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat like the Democrats. The bong-toting wing of the party demonstrated their purity in 2000 by voting for Ralph Nader, thereby ensuring that the most progressive candidate in the history of American politics lost to George W Bush. This election season we have the PUMA’s (‘People United Means Action’ or ‘Party Unity My Ass’) seeking to sabotage Obama in November. Ostensibly an organization of disgruntled Clinton supporters, there are suspicious GOP fingerprints all over their paperwork.

There is a deranged hatred of Barack Obama running through the various PUMA blogs that has a Republican feel but these certainly are Hillary supporters filled with bitter frustration who are voicing their feelings. I suspect that their comment boards are filled with freeper sock puppets in addition to the delusional Clintonites who still believe she will President. Their rage at Obama is disturbingly personal coupled with an unhinged sense of entitlement-the general sense of what they are all saying is ‘it doesn’t matter how the voting went, you see, I really, really wanted for Hillary Clinton to win and if she can’t, then Ill do whatever I can to make sure no Democrat wins. It’s a really mature political philosophy.    

Hillary lost. Fair and square, or at least as fair and square as the rules the Democrats set up for themselves go. I voted for Hillary in the primary and defended her against ugly Republican attacks. By March, I had changed my mind about Obama but still felt that HRC was an excellent candidate who had enormous influence on American politics and had great things ahead of her. After reading through the articles and comments on several different PUMA blogs I can say that I am greatly relieved that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic nominee for President. If she won our Republic would almost certainly have suffered a continuation of the politics of spiteful divisiveness for another four years. Her supporters tactics have been permanently deformed by defending attacks for decades into the very thing they swear to fight against.

They call Obama an elitist while whining that he’s a gladhanding outsider with no experience. They mock the crowds that flock to his rallies and somehow still feel they were robbed in the voting. They believe the most scurrilous rumors reported by Drudge and FOX about Obama and are convinced that the mainstream media was against their candidate. There’s plenty more. You could lose a lot of time reading all the terrible things they think about Barack Obama and the people who support him. These are feminists who are willing to vote for John McCain while complaining that Obama isn’t strong enough on reproductive rights. It’s inspired, really.

Obama makes people crazy because they believe he might actually upset the apple cart. This makes his most fervent supporters crazy because they hope to catch some apples. This makes his opponents crazy because they think they own the cart. I think the apple cart has been broken and empty for a while now, and I believe Obama means to mend it and do what he can to see it gets filled again. I don’t believe he really is all things to all men, but he certainly can relate to a wide variety of people, and that’s what this country needs right now.

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