weekend headlines

Mexican immigrant beaten to death in Pennsylvania. I figure if Malkin and other right wing sites are going to highlight every crime perpetrated by immigrants, it’s only fair to mention when one of these folks gets beaten to death by crazed nativists.

Black man tasered to death by small town white cop. This happened in January but the story the cops told is unraveling now. For instance, they claimed that the victim said he was high on PCP and crack and had asthma, but the autopsy showed that he did not have asthma and there were no drugs in his system. The cops tased him nine times in fourteen minutes; the last two shocks were delivered into his limp and unconscious body. The town this happened in is 40 miles from Jena and the dead man is first cousins with the lead defendant in that case. Perhaps Grandpa Hatey can explain how this is a ‘hoax’ as well.    

Scott McClellan explains what ‘fair and balanced’ really means. How shocking. It turns out that Fox News has been operating as a propaganda mouthpiece for the Bush Administration all along. Who could have ever guessed? They are so subtle.  Speaking of Fox, they’re picking up on the National Enquirer’s investigation into John Edward’s alleged affair.

Michael Savage continues his week of losing stations and advertisers with a loss in court. Mr. Weiner is discovering that when he speaks into his microphone other people besides his syncophantic mouthbreathing audience can hear him. Learning can be painful when the unlearned cling to their ignorance.

Obama is caught by open mike in private conversation with Tory Leader and doesn’t say anything horribly stupid. In fact, he says exactly the sort of thing that reassures my vote. Of course, he can be wrong sometimes just like anyone.

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