Unapologetic Humanist Hoedown

Savage continues to spin out self-serving rants that expose his fevered ego delusions for display as coarse as a hooker in a window. Please sign the petition. Enough words on his tiny little mind.

This is my favorite homemade video of the internet age. Although on many talkboards over the years I have been labeled a ‘secular humanist’ among other things, I don’t think of my humanism as being particularly anti-religious. Spirituality is part of the human experience and my humanism embraces everyone. I don’t want to take anyone’s holy book from their hands; I want everyone to read as many books as they can! Anyway, this video made me smile like crazy.

4 Responses to “Unapologetic Humanist Hoedown”

  1. Rebel Without a Sauce Says:

    Did you know that there is an autistic pride movement as well?

    In hindsight, the answer to that question is probably a “yes” laced with an unspoken “duh”… but I have already typed it out and I make it a policy never to use backspsaace! Even right there, where it’s actually needed!

  2. Rebel WAS-
    Yes, but no ‘duh’ is necessary as there are many misconceptions about people who fall under the Autism Spectrum. It is well worth mentioning that there are many adults who are not only functional, but great contributors to society. Entirely off topic; I really enjoyed ‘A Comic Where a Zebra Provides an Allegory of Christ For Some Reason’. I think that most sentences are made funnier by finishing them with ‘for some reason’ for some reason.

  3. I’ve heard from more than one parent of a small child who has seen that Matt-dancing video, that it’s a favourite! Everything from squealing with laughter & delight to dancing along (as only a wee wobbly-legged one can do) to both at the same time. Watch it with your nephews and you’ll enjoy it even more!! 😀

  4. The Prof Says:


    The dancing video is delightful–thank you for sharing it. Was feeling very stressed until I watched it…twice.


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