There’s no such slur as ‘whitey’

I was at a barbecue in Indiana today, and it’s a long story as to how I ended up there, but it involved the Port Awesome crew. Anyway, while I was there I overheard a conversation between two fellows about the video of Michelle Obama saying ‘whitey’ at Trinity Baptist in 2004. I didn’t interject as I didn’t want to get into an argument but here you can read one of the wormtongued vermin elaborating on why this video still seems nonexistent. I believe there is no video of Michelle Obama uttering the word ‘whitey’ while on stage with Lous Farrakhan onstage at Trinity Baptist in 2004. If there is, show it or shut up about it.

I’ve never heard ‘whitey’ come out of the mouth of any African-American in real life in anger as an actual slur. I’ve attended lectures and presentations by rather radical African-American speakers and never heard any of them say it. When I got bitch-slapped by a pimp (who was a black man) for interceding between him and a woman he was beating he called me many names but ‘whitey’ (or ‘honky’ or ‘cracker’) wasn’t one of them. The only time I’ve heard black people call white people ‘whitey’ is in tv shows and movies written and produced by white people, or in comedy sketches where black people are mocking racism. Aesthetically speaking, it doesn’t even sound threatening or derogatory; I mean, ‘Whitey’ Ford didn’t seem to mind the nickname that much (he had very blond hair) but people still get upset about a book with a character named ‘Nigger Jim’. Nobody has ever been called ‘whitey’ by their oppressors.

These ‘ethnic slurs’ for white people primarily exist these days in white people’s heads as a justification for the words they use for others. I’ve heard white people justify their use of slurs like ‘nigger’ by saying ‘well, they call us whitey and honky, so it’s the same thing.’ It’s not the same thing, and again, I’ve never heard those words hurled by a black person at a white person in anger. I’m sure it’s happened somewhere, sometime, but I’ve never heard it. I’ve heard whites refer to blacks as ‘niggers’ with hate and disdain dripping from their voices my entire life. Racial animosity felt by blacks for whites is different in character than what is expressed by whites for blacks. For starters, black people are vastly outnumbered by whites. Secondly, whites have dominated the social structure of the country for a very long time and have used racist methods to keep non-whites in the underclass. For example, I have often heard whites who are ethnically Irish or Italian talk about words like ‘mick’ or ‘wop’ (which surely are slurs and offensive to use) as if they were equivalent to ‘nigger’. While these ethnic groups faced tremendous discrimination during their initial immigration after a few generations these groups were fully integrated into society without facing discrimination as an entire group. African-Americans can not ‘pass’ as white by simply changing their name or losing an accent. Polls often show that African-Americans are more ‘racist’ as a group, but I would submit that people on the receiving end of racial discrimination tend to be more conscious of race and these responses reflect that. The racism of Louis Farrakhan, while ignorant, self-serving, and venomously toxic is not comprable to the racism of a white supremacist in either scope or intensity. Consider that even if only 20% of the white population of America were truly racist, and that if every single African-American were truly racist, the white racists would still outnumber the black racists by 7.6 million people. The point of this non-statistic is to illustrate that even if black people really did call whites ‘whitey’ as a common racial slur, it really couldn’t have the same oppressive power as ‘nigger’.  

What conservatives and racists do not wish to acknowledge is that African-Americans have been playing a rigged game for centuries and still refuse to lose. The hundred years of Jim Crow and the hundred years of de facto segregation in Northern cities that followed Emancipation have long faded from the memories of these whites, at least, and they just won’t understand how any black person could be distrusting of a system that has been so fair and giving to them. This faulty understanding explains why folks like Larry Johnson are drooling with desire for this video of Michelle Obama ‘ranting about whitey’ to be real; it would justify their fantasy that their racist feelings are matched tit for tat in the hearts of blacks. For these conservatives, a video of Michelle Obama ranting about the evil of ‘whitey’ would be exactly equivalent to every racist thing said by all whites for the last thirty years. This would make everything they’ve thought or done okey-dokey and balance the scales of justice in their minds, which should be an indication of how off-balance their minds are.

When I started writing this I did a search for the word ‘whitey’. I wanted to see if I could find it being used as a deragatory term by any black bloggers or posters. I couldn’t find any through a variety of search terms but the results were all frontloaded with posts by conservatives using the word regarding this manufactured controversey. Conversely, when I did a search for the word ‘nigger’ the third term found was for ‘nigger jokes’ and a racist site called ‘niggermania’ was just below it. The ‘niggermania’ site has been pulled down but there’s a cached version of it here. A balanced mind should have difficulty seeing these two terms as equal. 

Anyway, I did find the Michelle Obama ‘whitey’ video. Enjoy.

15 Responses to “There’s no such slur as ‘whitey’”

  1. The Prof Says:

    You, sir, are evil. Despicably evil. You’re joining Gargunza on my list of people who are no longer allowed to send me YouTube videos, or links to them, or even to bring them to my attention.


  2. LOL Brilliant!!

  3. Heh.
    Prof, you have no idea how gratifying your response is. Every once and a while, jokes work the way they are supposed to.
    Has Gargunza showed you ‘Italian Spiderman’ yet? I think it’s pretty damn hilarious and I think you would appreciate it. And hey, I introduced you to the compelling and endearing monkey puppet! That has to be worth at least one Rick Rolling! And, hell, that was one of the few times in the history of teh internets that the Rick Rolled joke is actually appropriate!

    Never gonna give, never gonna give, never gonna give you up!

    If only there was some way to tell Bill Hicks about the strange second life of Rick Astley’s pop cultural existence. He would have appreciated that.

  4. The Prof Says:


    Gargunza did, indeed, introduce me to the Italian Spiderman videos. And the trifecta of “Hungry Like The Wolf” interpretations (Duran Duran, Bruce Campbell, and the fat lounge singer in the Batman suit). There was an audible cracking sound in the room when my brain broke.

    Ahhh…finishing up our business here in the next couple of weeks, then hauling ass out to scenic Iowa for the beginning of our real lives. Aurora is training her replacement now, which is, to say the least, odd.

  5. oh god! Rick Astley is SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ironhead Says:

    Unlike simple minded, childish Negroids, caucasians could care less about names. You can never please a negroid with anything. They’ll always find something to complain about.

  7. Ironhead,
    I congratulate you on being able to operate a keyboard. The thoughts you express indicate the sort of inbreeding that leaves one without thumbs. Every day must be a difficult struggle for you.
    Winston Delgado

  8. Victims of racism? Are you stupid? There are more people now days affected by the negatives of affirmative action (it discriminates against poor Whites that are more qualified than rich nigger that isn’t) than there are of Jim Crow, your “but I would submit that people on the receiving end of racial discrimination tend to be more conscious of race and these responses reflect that” which means Whites should be more conscious and yet they aren’t. You obviously fail to speak from experience, please go down into the “hood” at night, please take your girlfriend/wife/sister/daughter with you when you do and tell us how enlightened those niggers are. It’s not just Whites on “niggermania” who views it this way, that site allows all races other than niggers which we all have problems with (yes, all the other races have a problem with them too). There is a reason why businesses pulled out from nigger neighborhoods, there is a reason why what few businesses there have iron grated bars on all entry points, and there is a reason why property value there is very, very low. It’s a double-standard to consider them equal to any of us, many of us had it much harder than any nigger in America (Mexicans crossing the border, “boat people” displaced war-torn lands under communist oppression, etc), how fucking dare you act like it’s anyone else’s fault other than the niggers? They’re too lazy and make too many excuses for their failure, they deserve their fate, they won’t stop bitching and work like the rest of us to fix it.

    signed by a half White/Oriental. a proud member of niggermania, it’s not just Whites that are aware and have very negative experiences with niggers, just ask other races, if you want to hear the truth.

  9. Forked Tongue-
    Well, you certainly have done your bit for multiculturalism today. You have singlehandedly destroyed the stereotype of Orientals as being inherently intelligent. Congratulations! That’s quite an achievement.

    You also underscore my point about the ugly racism that African-Americans must endure in our otherwise lovely nation, and for that I am extremely grateful. It’s why I’m leaving your inarticulate and infantile tirade up and intact. It’s a steaming hot fresh example of the bullshit that black people have served to them. All sorts of people face all sorts of challenges and discrimination, but the hate reserved for blacks is just a little bit special, right, Forked Tongue? I mean, it’s made you so twisted up that you say that whites aren’t concsious of race, but you then say that you’re a proud member of ‘niggermania’. I have to admit that listening to an admitted racist say that he’s not conscious of race is easily the funniest thing I’ve heard in days. This really is a fine example of racist reasoning at work. Thank you.

    Not that I feel I have to explain myself to you, but I live in Chicago. I am very familiar with all sorts of neighborhoods. I’m very proud of the fact that I performed a wedding at the South Shore Cultural Center where Barack and Michelle Obama were married. I’ve interacted and lived among people of all races my entire life and can’t say that when an African-American dis something shitty to me it was any worse than anything a white, hispanic, or asian individual ever did. I only speak from experience and understand people far better than you do. For example, I understand that you take pride in your beliefs, but have no illusions; yours is the pride that an unwashed retarded manchild takes in the contents of his freshly soiled diaper; it’s a big deal to you, but the rest of us aren’t nearly as impressed.

    Any future racist tirades by you will be deleted. I only need one sample of your feces for study.

    Winston Delgado

  10. “Any future racist tirades by you will be deleted. I only need one sample of your feces for study.”

    Oh, my bad!

    Your points are vague, and rather moot; no surprise that you digress from the subject, and resort to utterly sophomoric hypothesis.

    The real issue isn’t about names, or skin color; it’s about irrational, hedonistic, and often violent behavior. I manage a very diverse workforce, and I have to witness these feral proto-humans masturbating in public (I’m not talking about crotch grabbing). This happens all too often for me to endure. I have yet to see a white, Hispanic, Native American, Arab, East Indian, or Asian partaking in this disgusting, self gratifying ritual. I have many foreign workers who keep asking me typical questions like: “Why are blacks so lazy?” “Why do they act like animals?” “What is wrong with these people?” “Are they all this way?” “Why are these people so stupid and aggressive?” To remain professional, I have to answer by saying: “I don’t really know.” “That’s just the way they are.” Is there really any other excuse?

  11. Ironhead-

    It is very common for racists to project their own sexual insecurities onto the people that they hate. For example, interracial porn sells best in places where Klan and Neo-Nazi membership is high; perhaps it is the idea of forbidden fruit that fills you folks with these desires. Your anecdote about black men openly masturbating at your workplace is obviously one of your private sexual fantasies that you are trying to assert as some sort of reality. Masturbating in public is not only the sort of thing that could get someone fired but also arrested. I am certain that if you had the opportunity to fire one of your black employees or have them arrested you would jump on it rather than impotently shrugging your shoulders and whining about it. Why are you so lazy that you don’t do your job as a supervisor? Why can’t you act like a man? What is wrong with you that you either allow this sort of thing to go on or lie about it to strangers? Why are you so stupid and aggressive that you feel compelled to make up stories that justify your hate?
    Ironhead, I can imagine how difficult it must be to get through your day when you see visions of giant hot throbbing black cocks everwhere you look. I suspect that much of your hatred towards blacks is a way of re-directing your self-loathing at your own homosexuality. I suggest that the next time one of your employees whips it out, you drop to your knees and slobber on that knob to your hearts’ content. You’ll both feel better and it will keep your mouth busy with something other than spewing ignorance.
    -Winston Delgado

  12. […] Surprise’ will be. There were persistent rumors that it will be some form of the Michelle Obama ‘Whitey’ video, but those were propaganda bombs designed to create the perception that the thing exists. If it […]

  13. […] six days and a few hours left until the polls close. And still no video of Michelle Obama saying ‘whitey’ (One of my favorite comment threads EVAH)to be found anywhere. I’m sure this was just an […]

  14. I have black friends that call me whitey, honkey and pink ass here in South Africa (regardless of what people may think or say this is just joking around) I return with names like zot, bush monkey and sambo). These names mean nothing anymore not for us anyway, times have changed. People are people move on already, the race card is getting boring.

    My black friends call each other Nigga! (not to be confused with the racist term Nigger – look it up there is a difference) – I however do not feel comfortable calling them that incase I end up like Jackie Chan in Rush Hour trying to explain “whats up my nigga” 🙂

    I suppose they could be influenced by what they see on television as its all US TV shows.

    I guess racism in SA is different to that in the US and UK.

  15. Sue-
    Why is it always white people who say that these words mean nothing even as they insist on their need to use them? If a word actually is meaningless, why would anyone use it? Why is it so important to white people to feel that it’s okay for them to refer to black people by ancient slurs?

    In any case, considering what I know about South Africa and IP addresses, I have to say that racism is pretty much the same all over the world; ignorant and hateful.
    -Winston Delgado

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