The Whit Monday Awareness League

As I was saying to Lily in the comment thread of the last post, you have no idea how weird it was to see this before I had a cup of coffee this morning:

Then I realized that my stupid little joke that I made for my staggering audience of literally dozens of people had been viewed by the very person I was making it about. Furthermore, he apparently didn’t get it. That did it. People often write ‘lol’ and suchlike when what they really did is smile inwardly or at most chuckle. Friends, I laughed out loud. Very nearly did a spit take.

Then it occured to me that Farah might have got it, but that perhaps he has such a low opinion of the reading skills of his readership he felt free to link to it with his breathless copy insinuating that the post should be taken literally and in all seriousness. This made much more sense to me as I think it unwise to underestimate other people. It occured to me that he is using me to further justify the unwarranted sense of persecution he nurtures in his audience. When you have a noise machine you have to fuel it somehow.

Ultimately, I must admit I am pleased to see the response my smartassery has generated. Obviously it got under Farah’s skin at least a little bit which is far more than I could have ever expected when I knocked that out in a fit of whimsy. And I must also admit that I find Farah’s headline a million times funnier than anything I’ve ever written. I certainly got an enjoyable comment thread out of it, and if I raised anyone’s awareness about Whit Monday, well, that’s just gravy.    


8 Responses to “The Whit Monday Awareness League”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Whoo boy.

    Winston, I am impressed that you managed to drive so many people nuts. I drink to thee. (And anything else you can think to drink to, at the moment, because it’s been that kind of day.) You know, of course, it’s all because this Farah person Googled his own name.

    The funny thing is… some of your posters didn’t even know “Whit Monday” is (sort of) real. It seems to be the “Hangover” (January 2) of the Christian holiday calendar.

    Personally, I think the Church just made it up so Medieval Hallmark could sell Whit Monday cards.

  2. Winston wrote:

    “Then it occured to me that Farah might have got it, but that perhaps he has such a low opinion of the reading skills of his readership he felt free to link to it with his breathless copy insinuating that the post should be taken literally and in all seriousness.”

    Not so, my Windy City man. Joseph Farah walks in a refreshing humility which allows the nits and gnats of the world to take potshots at him. Why? Because he knows the nits and gnats never had anything to do with making him who he is. And he also knows the nits and gnats have no power to hurt him.

    As with King David, the Shimei’s may throw their rocks. But sooner or later, a Solomon will come along and chop off their heads.


  3. The Prof Says:

    I assume, of course, that those posters who have indicated veiled threats of violence do not mean this literally.

    And, well, if the nits and gnats of this world had no power to hurt Mr. Farah…he wouldn’t have put Winston’s comments up on his website, since, as I mentioned previously, in order to find this he almost certainly would’ve had to have been Googling his own name to see where and how he’d been mentioned.

    Had Farah noticed Winston’s post was actually satirical, he would’ve either ignored it or accepted the (very light) jab with grace. But from what I’ve read on his site he seems to take himself very, very seriously. The man clearly has no sense of humor or irony. And he has a really weird fixation with Google–for some reason the doings of this one search engine are of great concern to him, and he will somehow be saving America/God’s children/whatever if he can somehow manage to bend them to his will.

    It’s just Google.

  4. Oh my good Professor Horatio,
    you’ve wondered why I do this
    oft to me so many a time
    through the passing years.
    And I admit the answer that
    it amused me to do so or
    it gave me material for
    some unspoken work was always too pat,
    falling flat across the nothing of my body.

    But here you see that it’s true;
    I can’t write dialouges that ring
    in veristic discourse this coarse
    without it sounding
    unnatural and forced.
    But the words of Mr Who
    are his own for true.
    I didn’t put those words in his mouth
    for him to… um, hmm, masticate? That’ll do.

    His own words are bitter with an irony
    more rich than I could ever brew
    with my fantasist’s imagination.
    I have no mouth to spew
    monologues of fanatic exhorations
    to ideologues with fevered egos.
    If I wrote their lines, it just wouldn’t be fair
    to them or to me. I couldn’t do them justice.

    That’s the thing. Justice.
    When people find the world is unjust,
    it makes them angry and afraid.
    Because they realize how scary uncertainty is.
    And it is scary. The unknown is terrifying.
    Look at what he’s saying, Horatio.
    He thinks I want to hurt Mr. Farah.
    That’s the last thing I would want to happen.

    What I would like is for Mr. Farah to get the joke.
    That’s all. Understand something he didn’t before.
    I’ve never demanded anyone to shoulder any yoke
    or read any book or not to look or ignore.
    I do encourage everyone to stretch their minds
    when they can, and try to understand
    that every day can end with each of us
    a slightly better person than we woke up as
    or at least avoid backsliding too much.

    To be so threatened by words
    to make threats with words
    doesn’t make your words
    very convincing, Larry Who.
    Here in the Teahouse we’ve got some rules
    on discourse and ettiquette; you’ve just been schooled.
    So please mind your manners when you talk to my friends
    And mend your mind if you would like to be addressed again;
    I get you don’t like me, but I’ve done nothing to offend.

  5. Larry Who Says:

    Ah, Furious Buddha, so sorry to offend.

    The Shimei quote was only meant as a rhetorical statement, sort of a satirical one, much like your own. Funny how easy it is to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    And actually, I thought that you would laugh at the cleverness of the analogy. Guess you didn’t, right?

  6. Oh, Mr Who,
    the clever one is you.
    I never said I didn’t think you
    were funny; you’re quite a hoot!
    Your humor is of a rare and subtle vintage
    that bespeaks your cultivated taste
    and sophistication of thought
    that brings a smile to my visage.
    If you see a mountain of my words
    don’t worry, they’re not that intimidating.
    It’s just blank verse from a blank mind
    that can’t stop itself from turning.
    Just words, words, silly words,
    dressed conceitedly as poetic musing.
    I’m certainly more amused by what you write
    than any of the pretentious crap I shite.

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