Does Joseph Farah Hate Jesus?

Here it is, Whit Monday, and I see not a word noting, celebrating, or praising this Holy Day on Joseph Farah’s Worldnetdaily site. Farah is that paragon of journalism and Christianity who has decided that Barack Obama is not a Christian and that Google hates America because they don’t alter their logo on days he thinks are appropriate. Farah has even had trouble convincing Fox hosts that his vendetta against Google is valid, but why should rational thought get in the way of a nice long indulgent soak in a bath of tepid outrage? Which brings us to Whit Monday. Whit Monday is an incredibly important day on the Christian calendar that celebrates the Holy Spirit. Does the refusal of Worldnetdaily to even mention this holiday conceal a terrorist agenda? Farah is an Arab-American so obviously despite all of his loud protestations to the contrary it is quite possibe he is really a ‘sleeper’ Muslim terrorist. His refusal to acknowledge Whit Monday should be proof enough of his dangerously treasonous agenda at work. If nothing else, it is proof that Joseph Farah doesn’t give a whit about Jesus.

33 Responses to “Does Joseph Farah Hate Jesus?”

  1. Never heard of Whit monday!!

  2. James Kautt Says:

    Foolish comparison! Moreover, you forgot to explain what the “Whit” means in Whitmonday! Do your homework a little better!

  3. richard pluth Says:

    I have been a Christian for over 50 years and have never heard of this day- -this clown had to have made this up-this has to be a joke! How about Duh Tuesday or Puf Friday -these are really high holy days. Yah right.

  4. Oh dear. I guess this is because the US doesn’t have as much to do with the historic churches. Try a simple search for the 6700 pages on google that reference “whit week”.

  5. This is the silliest thing you could say. I am Roman Catholic and we have never celebrated “whit” Monday. It’s the day after Pentecost, which is always a Sunday. The American Catholic Church has never recognized it as an “important” day in the Christian calendar, any more than Saint Patrick’s Day. The Catholic calendar has many “feast days”, most of them named after saints. Do you know about the Feast of St. Blaise? We used to get our throats blessed that day. It was a big deal in grade school because the priest would visit our classroom but it was never a major event after that. You’re really grasping at straws.

  6. Bwahahahaha! This made me laugh out loud! Perhaps the posters above should check the The Catholic Encyclopedia, Easton Illustrated Dictionary, or the Elwell Evangelical Dictionary? …or perhaps a little too touchy about their beloved blogger being mocked?
    Hmmm… maybe you’ve touched on something Winston! (“Methinks my lady doth protest too much.” etc)

  7. What a hoot! Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning. This has got to be, without question, about the lamest, stupidest, most ludicrous idiotic “column” I’ve read in a long time! Good Lord, if this is an example of the erudition and intelligence-level of WND’s and Joseph Farah’s critics, then neither one of them have a thing to worry about. Just because WND fails to make mention of some obscure “Holy Day” (which, frankly, I’ve never even heard of, despite having been raised in a devout Roman Catholic family–what did you do, pluck out the word at randon from an old parochial school textbook?), that automatically means Farah’s a “sleeper Muslim terrorist”??? And that WND has a “terrorist agenda”??? Wow, that’s real convoluted logic! (Though if you’ll pardon me for pointing it out, I **think** there are just a few logical gaps in your chain of reasoning there.) As John Stossel would say: “Give me a break!”

  8. DCSrini Says:

    The idea of Whit Monday seems to be tied to Church of England (Anglican) tradition.

    So why should Farah, a Lebanese Catholic, follow Anglican traditions–when even many non-Anglican Protestants don’t?

    The original article basically seems to be the ravings of a drunkard!

  9. Our religious holidays have been Whit-tled down to nearly nothing. Only active advocacy by modern day Saints will restore the liturgical calendar.

  10. Whilst looking up “Whit Monday”, perhaps some of the posters should have also looked up “satire”.

    For comparison, consider those individuals that read “A Modest Proposal” by Swift and righteously condemned him for advocating cannibalism.

    Clearly. Not. Getting. It.

  11. This clown knowing full well what he is doing compares an OBSCURE holiday to Joseph Farah’s well researched arguments against a Google who in essense has trashed MAJOR holidays known to virtually all. This idiot further implicates himself in that he revealed himself to be unfair, and deliberately so. I believe this is against the philosophy of the Buddha who was neither unfair or blatently stupid!

  12. creeping Says:

    does being arab mean that he is or was a muslim? or that either of his parents were muslim? might want to check that out as well before suggesting his arab heritage means he is a terrorist

    now if he has a muslim brother, like obama does, that says he was raised muslim like obama’s brother Malik said obama was, even though obama continually denies ever being muslim, then it might be worth looking into

  13. What the hell is going on here? Has the word ‘satire’ been removed from the dictionary. Does anyone who is angrilly posting actually think that any of this is said in all seriousness? Please tell me the blogger doen’t think that this is posted in seriousness. Clearly clicking on links from the wordpress home page is a bad idea. This is a parallel universe where the crazy people live. I recommend shutting the computer down and interacting with some real people. Clearly we aren’t ready to be let out on the internet.

  14. Mortalwind Says:

    I thought whit was what you say when you want oinions on your philly cheese steak.

  15. Larry Who Says:

    Clever title – hooked me. But while I was here, I checked your “about” to see what you are about. And it says that you are a preacher. Preacher? What does that mean?

  16. I think Farah is suffering from a log in the eye deficiency. What a putz!

  17. Robb-
    Be kind to them, they suffer from an irony deficiency which can be very serious if it leads them into a condition of ethical anemia. For example, look at what Creeping said. He’s got it real bad. That brother not only doesn’t know what time it is, but he doesn’t even know where he is or who he’s talking to. And check out Paul there. He’s beside himself and he doesn’t even understand why, but he’s so oblivious he thinks he’s in a perfectly rational state. PMK is so obviously self-assured of their own intelligence they forget to bother to think. And Chunque thinks he’s a freethinker, but he’s just smug. What all of these posters have in common is they didn’t get it. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad people or even particularly stupid; many of them may have important jobs and raise families and do all sorts of wonderful things. They just don’t get my joke. And that’s not a big deal at all.
    To most of the rest of you: Yes, it was satire. Mocking satire. In this post I am pointing out that I believe that Jospeh Farah is reckless sensationalist who likes to make unjustified sweeping statements of opinion into something he confuses with ‘truth’. In addition, this post was intended to communicate my feeling that Jospeh Farah is a hypocritical jackass who is in no position to determine who is and who isn’t a Christian. Finally, it was meant to illustrate the ridiculous nature of his attack on Google. Google is a private party doing it’s own thing and Farah is making baseless, ridiculous and potentially harmful allegations because he feels nauseous outrage when Google doesn’t put a cross in their logo on a day he would like them to. Worldnetdaily may alter their logo and design in any way they wish and commemerate anything in any way they wish as far as I am concerned. They have no right to demand any other company do so in order to aid their own digestion. If Google’s behavior is offensive to him, then he should switch search engines. It’s not that difficult. The reason I just didn’t come out and say it was that satire is generally a more effective way of making that sort of point. If you found this post ridiculous and offensive, then logically you should find the sort of things Mr. Farah is presenting as journalism to be ridiculous and offensive to your intelligence.

    Mortalwind-that was pretty funny.

    Larry Who-It means that if you ask me to I’ll marry or bury you I will and do a damned good job of it, too. It means I’ll give you a sermon if you ask for one but I’m a good listener indeed. My church is invisible and I only swore allegiance to a Carpenter-no Bishops or Doctors ever approved of me. I do other things too. On Thursdays I drive around in a van and solve mysteries.

    Lily-You have no idea how surreal it was to see myself on Worldnetdaily before I drank coffee.
    No. Fracking. Idea.

    -My unlimited love to y’all,
    Winston Delgado

  18. ladies and gentlemen,
    johnnypeepers is in the house.
    shout out!

    Nice to hear from you sir.

  19. The Prof Says:

    Hey kids,

    Just so you know, Aurora and I were the recipients of Winston’s very first wedding benediction, and it was lovely. Particle physics came into play. (Wou;d’ve had him marry us as well, but our state’s a little weird about things like returning phone calls about certification, and we didn’t want an “I Love Lucy” moment fifteen years down the line.)

    And to answer the question of what kind of preacher Winston is, he wore a suit, while the Unitarian minister who did the actual ceremony met us at her door in a T-shirt and nothing else. (I saw things that day I wish to God I could forget.)

    Going to drink that memory away now.

  20. Prof-
    What’s up dog? Thanks for the mad props. (For those of you who have come here from wnd and are suspecting sock puppetry is afoot, the Prof and Lily are longtime commenters here and johnnypeepers is definitely his own person!) What a weird day.

  21. I really think you have smoked too much whit especially on mondaize.

    I have been a devout Christian since 1967 (October) I have studied and studied and I must confess.. I have never heard of this so called Day of the Holy Spirit.. I CELEBRATE that.. EVERY DAY.

    Now after reading your ‘rant’ of inconclusive made up “facts” I can only quote the words in Proverbs.. It is better to keep thy mouth shut then open it and PROVE that you are indeed a FOOL ! – IN THE BIBLICAL SENSE !!

  22. majikimaje-
    The Carpenter is quite clear on this.
    Matthew 5:22
    But I say to you, anyone who is angry with his brother without a cause will be subject to punishment. And whoever says to his brother ‘Raka!’ will be subject to the Council. And whoever says ‘You fool!’ will be subject to hell fire.
    I pray that you will consider this moment why you are risking your eternal soul to be angry with someone you’ve never met over a joke they’ve made. Breathe deep and go in peace.

  23. RWWacko Says:

    I hereby proclaim, in honor of this columnist, this day, the third Tuesday of June, as “DhimWhit Tuesday”.

  24. RW-
    Thank you for your comments. They’re very whitty.

  25. RWWacko Says:

    It’s the extra “h” that makes a world of dhifference.

  26. I’ve heard of Whit Sunday, never really knew what it was but at least I’ve heard of it

    and yes, Joseph Farah is a hateful hateful person

  27. All I can say is Wow. I know someone who is famous on the internets,,,

    Winston, since you are already a preacher and have such a clear understanding of the importance of Christian holidays, can I just skip the rest of seminary and become a Pastor of the Teahouse or do you think I have a better shot in my current denomination.

  28. Stick with program, Kenny, I will only lead you astray. Big time. Like, we’d end up in on a rock in the Antarctic Ocean living with penguins or something. It would be bad. Very, very bad. You remember what happened in Arkansas.

    I am not famous on teh internet. That is a horrible, horrible thing to say to someone you call a friend. Or enemy. Or even someone who is famous on teh internet. You just don’t say anything like that out loud. It’s like pointing out a grotesque facial tumor.

    Bad Kenny. That’s a BAD KENNY!!!

    Got the evite for your bday bash. Sounds like tres fun. I will be there.

  29. bassford Says:

    joseph was a prototype for jesus

    joseph was born of a miracle birth
    jesus was born of a miracle birth

    joseph was of 12 brothers
    jesus had 12 disciples

    joseph was sold for 20 peices of silver
    jesus was sold for 30 peices of silver

    “judah” suggests the sale of joseph
    “judas” suggests the sale of jesus

  30. Bassford-
    What interesting observations. Thank you for your comments.

  31. […] often ignored but I get huge reactions from things that I thoughtlessly jot off. Recently I did a brief post mocking Joseph Farah, the editor and chief propagandist of Worldnetdaily and was very surpised by the response. […]

  32. Joseph Farah will be my guest at 5 PM New York time Monday August 25 on News Talk Online on

    To talk to him please go to and click on the link to the show. There is no charge.


  33. Bashing Joseph Farah is akin to blasphemy of Billy Graham, Pat Boone, and other devout Christians. I have been a born again Christian for 55 years, I have read the bible in 3 languages, English, Hebrew, Greek. I have studied GODS WORD many hundreds of time, in depth. I have never heard of this phoney holiday you mentioned.

    Back up, sit down and pray & turn from your wicked ways, THEN, God will hear you !!

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