I got yer Permanent Republican Majority right here, Mr. Rove.

Kenny sent me this.

7 Responses to “I got yer Permanent Republican Majority right here, Mr. Rove.”

  1. The Prof Says:

    This transcends its genre and enters the world of art. Pointed without going over the line.

  2. Yeah, it’s probably my favorite political ad, ever.

  3. Must agree to the ad being great.

    I’m voting Republican despite the fact that John McCain is far from my first choice. I’m voting Republican because such a move is better than the alternative.

    I’m voting, Winston, because I’m an American and I love my country. Honestly considering every spot, blemish, wrinkle and wart, it still remains the finest place in the world.

    I’m voting, Winston, because such as you and I, with philosophies milky-ways apart, can spat and sputter and fume and speak and write.

    Nifty, huh?

  4. Shirley-
    You have months to consider that choice and I would hope that you keep your mind open. I will as well. McCain is a fine candidate that I actually would have voted for in previous elections but I don’t see myself doing it this time. Still, I won’t rule out a shift in the way I see things. Six months ago Hillary Clinton had my vote, but even then I wasn’t completely sold on any of them.
    I could not agree with you more that one of the best things about America is our ability to not only co-exist but thrive despite our differences of opinion. I think it is this deliberative discourse that has led us from being a ragtag collection of diverse colonies clinging to the Easter edge of the continent to a global superpower the like of which the world has never seen in the space of a few hundred years.
    For me (and me alone, I’m not saying this is a larger truth, just what it means to me on a personal level), voting for Obama is an act of faith in that uniquely American Dream of the unlikely underdog who ends up leading the pack being truly possible. Voting for Obama is an act of faith in America’s seemingly endless ability to reinvent itself while remaining true to the core values that make it America. Voting for Obama is an act of faith that the cynics are wrong, at least this time.
    The most important thing, however, is that we are both voting. And that is what makes America truly great. Hooray for Democracy. It’s damned nifty indeed.

  5. metatechnocrat Says:

    another religious fanatic who’s hearts desire is to ram their philosopy down everyone elses throat whether they want it or not. Despite all the evidence of how unethical, un-american, and quantitatively bad for people who make less than a 7 figure income the republicans have been, all that matters to someone like Shirley is, they hate “sodomites”, and want to keep women barefoot and pregnant. So it’s republicans all the way for her. Her’s a bit of socio-political advice for her kind; just try to illegalize homosexuality, or put women back into domestic slavery, and just try to force me to bow in a christian church, and see how many of us exercise the right to bear arms.

  6. metaltechnocrat-
    You have greivously misjudged Shirley. In all the times she has commented here she has never tried to ram anything down anyone’s throat, and when I have commented at her site she has been nothing but gracious and welcoming. She asks excellent questions. She is a Christian and a Republican and she is also curious and interesting. Ideologies do not make the individual. I am actually quite fond of the lady and do not appreciate your threats of violence aimed in her general direction. Don’t wave your metaphorical guns around my teahouse or I’ll pull out Sarcasticus and we’ll see which is mightier. Shirley is a conservative who thinks like a liberal, you are a liberal who thinks like a conservative; I prefer her company to yours any day.
    Winston Delgado

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