Whispering to Kali Across the Sea


I feel your pain regarding Hillary. It would have been sweet. But I am begining to hope that Obama really is the right man for this moment in history. Obama is a local boy and I knew who he was long before the national media ever noticed him and I never thought he would be predident, at least not in 2008 to be sure. For gosh sakes, Sam has ridden the same elevator to work as him for years as their offices were in the same building. He hasn’t been around often but still occasionally swings by. Sam said the ride with the Secret Service guys was an interesting one. I followed his campaign for his senate seat closely as it was the most hilarious as well as bizarre contest I have ever witnessed. To say that it was a cakewalk would be an understatement, but that was only due to the incredibly odd chain of events that led to him running against a carpetbagging Alan Keyes that the Illinois Republicans had drafted after their previous candidates imploded (one of them involved the divorce case testimony of Star Trek’s Seven of Nine, which actually started the whole deranged comedy off). I am one of those who felt that he hadn’t really been tested on the national stage seeing as how he sashayed there. However, he has proven himself to be quite inspiring as well as politically nimble, and I have begun to think that maybe the 21st Century might really be getting ready to actually start. Hillary would have been a fine President but at this moment in time I really do believe that America is going to need this guy. He is getting ready to assume the mantle of a nearly broken nation in nearly every way; I fear the economic troubles we are experiencing are only begining as the spit and wishes the Bush Administration has been using to keep things running are not going to hold very long. We are no closer to a withdrawl of forces in Iraq today than we were in June of 2003 and there are many other military and foreign policy crisises that are being neglected as well. Aside from all this there are more domestic problems than can be counted to say nothing of the infrastructure, population, and environmental problems we all face. If anyone has a shot at changing the status quo, it’s this guy, especially if he brings along a bunch of new Democrats to the Hill with him. I do love and appreciate Hillary but I think that she is divisive enough that it would be at least another four more years of the 20th Century and I do believe we’ve had just about enough of that, thank you very much. I do agree that she shouldn’t be the VP candidate but that she would make a fine Senate Majority Leader. It’s a very powerful position, in many ways comparable to a Prime Minister in the parliamentary system. It also would allow her to redefine herself so that she may position herself for another run.

I love our ongoing sharing of Sondheim. Isn’t it funny how people can know each other for years and still discover delightful little surprises? The first show of his that I really loved was ‘Into the Woods’. Shosh used to play it non-stop and the melodies melded into my mind in a primal way. Pretty much everything else he wrote followed after that. I think my actual favorite musical is ‘1776’, but this is probably because Benjamin Franklin is just too much darn fun to play.

I loved your threat to turn Pugsley Addams into a frog. I also love posting that sentence without explanation. What’s the point of being weird and scary without having fun? It’s certainly better than being ugly and neanderthal in any case.

I think we all need a little Quentin-time, really. I keep meaning to watch the ‘Kill Bill’ movies but every time I try to I always fail. I need to see ‘Death Proof’ too. I know what you mean about his characters being puppets for his dialogue, but I find it a charming idiosyncracy of his films rather than a failing of his screenwriting skills. He casts well enough that his actors always manage to carve out distinct characters from his lines. I know what you mean about the Shakespearean quality of some of his films; ‘Resevoir Dogs’ has a kind of ‘Titus Andronicus’ feel to it. 

I am verrrry happy to hear about how the painting is going and the t-shirt line sounds cool. I want to see the images! I’m also in a very fertile period as well. I just did a water lily that I find very arresting. Julia is going to be out of town this weekend and I am looking forward to painting all day on Saturday.   



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