irony defined

Figure I’ve annoyed Mormons and Objectivists this week, why not pick on Fundamentalist Muslims?

It seems that Female Fundamentalist Muslims are demanding the equal right to become terrorists. It seems like it should be an Onion article because Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin don’t have enough of a well developed sense of irony to think of it, but in any case, CNN probably isn’t joking. Of course, this sort of thing is inevitable anyway. The longer and louder people demand that any abstract principle is a real and true thing the more obvious the contradictory truth becomes. In this case it is a terrible truth; women are strapping explosives to their bodies and killing themselves in an act of mass homicide. Surely this does not please Allah.

On one hand this is an indication of how desperate they have become, but terrorists are always desperate as it is desperation that leads to their radical measures. This death cult wishes to slay modernity with it’s own tools but are finding that they are transformed by wielding them. This is how whatever it is that modernity is destroys what it encounters; by absorbing the alien into itself. 

Suffragism and the push for equality in the West transformed not only how men view women but how women view themselves; the expectations of people have irrevocably shifted so that chauvinism is viewed as the backwards aberration. This shift cannot be reversed any more than one can re-believe is Santa Claus. Once a person is recognized as a person they remain such forevermore. ‘Blowback‘ is the term used to describe the unforseen consequences of covert military operations. It can be argued that the origin of Al Qaeda is blowback from our intervention in Afghanistan against the Soviets. Much has been made of how these jihadists have utilized mass media such as Al-Jazeera to spread their medievalist message but it seems that they are begining to experience their own blowback.

Once people become aware of their status of second-class citizens they begin to resent it and eventually do something about it. There are many differences between relatively closed Muslim societies and the places where women’s liberation movements were initially nurtured so that agitation for equality would express itself in ways that seem strange to Western eyes should be expected. Integrating women into the armed forces has been controversial even in contemporary times for us but when Muslim women see American women as soldiers occupying their lands it shouldn’t be a surprise that this sort of thing would happen.

Change is inevitable while the progression of ideas is not. Ideas can be corrupted or forgotten while change continues, ignoring our concepts of progress or regress. The status quo of Islamic societies will not remain static despite the efforts of the Mullahs and Imams to freeze clocks. This does not mean that the women of these societies will surely embrace modernity in every way, but that they are agents of change nonetheless. Still, the irony of it is terrible and nothing changes that.

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