Three hours of ‘Lost’ starting in fourteen minutes. Season finale… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I tingle with anticipation.

My unlimited love, etc.

***Vi-there’s spoilers in the comments section! Don’t read until you watch!***

6 Responses to “HAPPY HIGH LOSTMAS!!!!”

  1. The Prof Says:


    I’ve mentioned before, last season, up ’til the knockout season ender, “Lost”, well, lost me as a viewer. They got me back this season, and they have been ON since the beginning. And damned if they didn’t deliver tonight. Aurora and I were both sitting there with clenched fists, saying “Pleeeeeeeease let it be Penny’s boat.” At least someone gets to be happy (for now, at least). And Keamey’s death was oh so satisfying.

    So…am I wrong to suggest that Ben was wearing the same outfit, with the same wound, that he was wearing during the flash forward when he winds up in the desert? I absolutely KNEW wormholes were going to enter into it at some point. Because, really, they always do. It’s the one constant in the universe.

  2. Ho-leee crap indeed.
    My mind is spinning with theories and questions. Where to start?
    I loved the physical operation of the crank wheel wormhole. It was perfect aesthetically and in terms of logic and ingenuity. This is one of the reasons ‘Lost’ is so good-any other show would have had Ben push some buttons and then a sound and light show would have occured, and that would have been it. While I don’t understand exactly what happened, I was convinced something did happen.
    I think that there are three distinct eras of inhabitants on the island preceding the Others claim of ownership. Obviously, there was the Dharma Initiative most recently, who studied (and apparently attempted to modify but failed, which is why someone had to push a button every 108 minutes for years) the peculiarities of the Island. I believe Widmore was part of Dharma, but there’s reason to speculate he was involved with the Black Rock crew, who were the previous group to occupy the Island. I suspect some of them may still be scattered about the Others; Richard Alpert is a possible person in this catagory. Then there is the earliest group to occupy the island who would be from human antiquity. They built the four-toed statue, the glyphs on the door in the basement of Ben’s home, the pillars that Locke’s father was chained to, and whatever the mechanism that Ben operated was. Apollo was born on a floating island that Zeus bound to the ocean floor and it is also the name of candy bar that is featured prominently on the show. Apollo was the God of medicine among other things, and would also send sickness as punishment-perhaps this is why Ben got a tumor or Jack got appendicitis (just as he was trying to get off the island) while Rose and Locke were both healed. Finally, the Delphic Oracle (also one of Apollo’s temples, and one that seemed to really work) commanded that since the Island of Delos was Apollo’s birthplace, no one should be allowed to die or be born there. There are also other possibilites for mysterious islands abound in ancient myths and legends, but my money is on the link to Apollo for the moment. This could mean that Aaron is the reincarnation of Apollo or that Jacob is the avatar of Apollo, but I am speculating on the fly.

    There are several types of exotic matter including the liquid metallic hydrogen hypothesized to exist at the core of Jupiter to the material that makes up neutron stars-a metal so dense that a spoonful of it would weigh more than a mountain. The atoms of this substance are so collapsed upon themselves that their electron shells are gone and they are simply neutrons jammed into physical contact with each other. The entire body is like a single atomic core. Recent observations and theories conclude that there exists a kind of exotic matter which occurs when neutron star matter is compressed just short of collapsing into singularity, and that is when the neutrons break down into their constituent quarks and compress together. These materials have all sorts of properties that are incredible aside from their density, but I think that the exotic matter underneath the Orchid station is something hypothetical, perhaps with negative mass among other things. One of the possible dangers of exotic matter is how it interacts with normal matter-it could explode or convert the normal matter into something like itself. The mention of the Casimir Effect indicates that it could be exotic matter with negative mass, which is somthing that could be used to make a wormhole. It seems to me that the exotic matter is some kind of natural phenomenon that was discovered by ancients who somehow found a way to manipulate it. It was then rediscovered by the Black Rock crew, which somehow led to the Dharma Initiative investigating it.

    It does appear that Ben moved from that small chamber beneath the Orchid on December 30, 2004 to the Tunisian Sahara on October 24, 2005 instantaneously.

    Best… show… ever…

    I also think that Jin is alive. Just before the Island disappears, we see Faraday in the Zodiac raft with survivors. After the island disappears, there is no sign of Faraday or the raft-it seems everything in the water for a ways around went wherever the island went. I think Jin was thrown into the water after the freighter blew up and was dragged to wherever the island went. He could be picked up by Faraday. The freighter had come in much closer and was visible from the beach by the time it exploded and the island moved. In any case, I really want Jin to be alive.

    I find it interesting that the first time Jack went to the island he was transporting a coffin with his father’s corpse and that in order to return he must bring another body with him.

    I was tremendously relived by the arrival of Penny but wonder how much more complicated that will make things if they have to convince Desmond to return. Plus, Ben is going to want to kill Penny. I don’t envy Jack-he has a very difficult task ahead of him.

  3. The Prof Says:


    Of course, if Ben does kill Penny, Desmond will have nothing left in the world and will then have no problem returning. But he may (and probably will) come unstuck in time again.

    I suspect Jin’s probably alive, too. But we both really want Juliette to die. She’s annoying.

    Not sure I’m yet ready to call “Lost” the Best Show Ever, but it’s a damn fine one, and I’ll need something to keep me warm once BSG ends its run. (They, also, have been absolutely ON since the season opener. Yay!)

  4. I missed Friday’s BSG and will probably watch it through the projector from a download this afternoon.
    If Ben kills Penny, Desmond will totally kill Ben Broadway-style. By this I mean there will be kick lines, tap dancing, and blood.
    I know I’m making the ‘Best Show Ever’ call a little early, but I can only think of a handful of series that are comprable. I can think of only one ‘Lost’ episode that wasn’t great, and that was ‘Expose’ which featured Nikki and Paulo-even then, it was a pretty tight episode which introduced some interesting ideas and had a chilling ending. If they follow through and execute the end of the show with the same panache and style as the first four seasons, it will stand with ‘Twilight Zone’ or whatever else anyone would care to compare it to.
    I find Juliette an interesting character whose story has been somewhat sidelined by recent events. With Ben off the island (perhaps permanently) she may find herself feeling differently about being trapped there.

  5. lalalalalalalallaalah! can’t hear/see you!

    I’m still downloading it. am stuck at 12%

  6. Julia and I just re-watched it through my laptop on the projector-the ABC website streams it in HD and it looks great. It streamed rather nicely without any skips or stutters.
    It’s sooooooooooo good.

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