memorial day 08

Today turned out unexpectedly grand.

I stayed up very late working on ‘The Murder of Hypatia of Alexandria by St Cyril and His Mob’. I have been struggling for literally over a year with the figure of Hypatia and last night I was struck by inspiration and worked until two thirty in the morning. I am very pleased with the results, however, I was utterly unprepared for the wake-up call from Tommie J to go marching in a Memorial Day parade in support of a friend who is campaigning for state office. I am certain Miss Mayweather is going to hit me with a frying pan when she sees me next, and I deserve it. Still, I am glad that I stayed in bed snuggling with the cat.

Lara called around nine, and I picked up groggy and soon we had agreed to breakfast. She came by with fruit and bagels. She toured the palace and we had a delightful breakfast. It was so good to just sit and talk with her. She’s gone through a lot of changes, even more since I have recounted them here last. She seemed more herself than she has in years and I felt like I knew who I was talking to; her visit was as joyful a surprise as I could have hoped for today. We talked about a lot. Julia came in after we had talked about her and I think the meeting went well but I wasn’t actually expecting her to get back until this evening. Julia certainly liked Lara and was full of questions after she left. The rest of the day could not compare but was still incredibly pleasant. I finished two paintings, one that I think I shall call ‘The Inevitable Dr. Gargunza’ which is a delightful portrait of Christopher, and Aurora and Violet posing at a party in the Castle many summers ago. I’m very pleased with it on several levels. The ladies look luscious and the way Aurora’s hand is casually dragging down the strap of Violet’s dress is subtly saucy. Prof, you’ll appreciate this one.

Time for bed.     

10 Responses to “memorial day 08”

  1. The Prof Says:

    O’ Furious One…

    Yes, I should indeed like to see that portrait.

    One of my fondest memories is of the time I took Aurora to get a therapeutic massage. Watching an attractive woman touch my naked wife made me feel…happy.

    Our Memorial Day was uneventful–we were going to go see “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” but Aurora was still very tired, so we bought and watched “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street” instead. It warmed our hearts.

    Holy crow it’s late.

  2. i wanna see too!

    seems like so long ago/far away. it was the very best summer. 🙂

  3. oh! additionally – we all love sweeney todd, I (modestly!) sing Helena Bonham carter under the table as Mrs Lovett (and of cpurse have an authentic accent). we saw a brilliant live performance in Glasgow a couple of months ago by the university am dram. was smashing – during Johanna, when all the slashing goes on, the victims squeezed fake blood pods until they squished and splatted the front row…

    really got into sondheim of late – complicated melodies – difficult to grasp, a challenge and wonder to sing. Musicals always grabbed me because of the premise that someone feels an emotion *so* spectacularly hard, that merely talking about it just isn’t enough, you have to sing! 🙂

  4. EEEEE! We’re here at the same time! I loves that.

    I’ve loved Sondheim for a long time. ‘Into the Woods’ is wonderful. ‘Sweeny Todd’ is one of my favorites. ‘Assassins’ is really interesting but doesn’t get played too often. I like the idea of music being able to carry a story and express emotions in unconventional ways. I think many of Shakespeares plays were musicals in that at least they all had some musical compoinent to them and that some of his soliloquies are suspiciously lyrical. I’m certainly not a typical fan of musicals, but I have been known to totally dork out to ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ as well as ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’.

    I promise to put up pictures as soon as I can. Lily, the picture of Aurora and Violet has your gargoyles in it.

  5. The Prof Says:

    Generally I am not a fan of musical theatre, because most musicals tend to be extremely formulaic and dull. (Like most anything, I suppose.) Sondheim, however, ain’t that way, and I was marveling at how brilliantly written those songs were, especially the parts where two characters are singing the same song (at the same time) but with vastly different meanings. Moreover, they’re also really fracking difficult songs to sing–I’ve sung just enough to know how hard it is to pull some of that stuff off. (In the “special features” section I recall helena Bonham Carter saying she had difficulty with one particular number that challenged even the great Ms. Lansbury.)

    I must confess to a bit of sadness, however, that I’ll never get to see “Dance of the Vampires,” the musical for which “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” was written. There really ought to be more musicals about vampires.

  6. Yeah, his stuff is difficult, which is yet another reason it doesn’t get revived as much as say, ‘Grease’. ‘Company’ is a brilliant show, a breakthrough in many ways, but you really need a cast that can act and sing their @$$es off.

    Anne Rice wrote ‘Lestat’ with Elton John doing the music and Bernie Taupin doing the lyrics. Apparently it was terrible. Regardless, I agree. There should be more musicals about vampires.

  7. The Prof Says:

    Oh, yikes…

    I saw the theatre dept.’s production of “Company” at my current (soon to be former) institution. They were not up to the challenge–yeah, they were all students, but still…it was like watching a Shakespeare play done by a community theater group whose leads got the parts because they’re somebody’s kid/neighbor/poolboy.


  8. Our choir just did a Broadway revue – and the Sondheim pieces were the most fun. The Tin Pan Alley pieces were neat as well… but for me none compare to the Sound of Music. I think passing this on to my brother’s children and singing the songs with them has cemented this in my heart as my all-time favourite. (OK the trip to Austria didn’t hurt either, LOL!)

  9. I love that we’re dorking out on Sondheim. So, Miss Mayweather sent me a link with something about zombies and Broadway musicals, and in trying to find it I found this poster


  10. i love that poster – was the zombies/broadway link the musical of the evil dead? incluiding such memorable classics as ‘All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons” and “what the f—was that?’

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