maydays in the life

Julia is out of town for the weekend so I am going to get some painting done for certain. I am so tired right now that I actually typed ‘fo’ shizzle’ rather than ‘for certain’ and I don’t really know why. I’m not a person who ever has said ‘fo’ shizzle’ that I can recall, and while I have no issues with Snoop Dogg, I am not a proponent of appropriating his adaptations to the language. Perhaps I’m having a stroke.

Last weekend I was taking a group of kids out paintballing when the kid who had put the whole thing together suffered an epileptic seizure at Mickey D’s. We had just gotten breakfast and I was putting my coffee together when it happened. The quickness of it’s onset was incredible. Alex and I spoke moments before and there wasn’t a hint of the storm brewing in his brain. I knew this boy had suffered from seizures before and had prepared myself. I share this experience here so that if you find yourself in a similar situation you may know what to expect. The first thing I did was to cushion his head and roll him onto his side, which is apparently called the ‘recovery position’. There was a lot of blood coming from his nose but his airway was clear so I told one of the kids to call 911 and then had the rest of them form a circle around us that gave us space and some privacy. While still holding his head I took out my cellphone and called his house. Usually on outings I have a piece of paper with parent phone numbers but when I know a kid has a medical issue in advance I program the number into my cell-a little forethought can go a long way and I certainly was grateful to have been a clever monkey on this occasion. I left a message on their home machine and then tried his Mom’s cell where I reached her. I saw her today when I finally got over to drop off Alex’s paintball gear which I’ve had in my trunk all week. She told me that she and her husband marveled at how calm I was on their answering machine considering they knew that I was cradiling their seizing son at the time I was talking. I mention this because the key to managing any crisis situation is to remain calm-I was being as soothing and serene as I could be because I was holding Alex and trying to keep the other boys from panicking (Which they didn’t. I was very proud of all of them.) The paramedics were there in less than three minutes and his mom was there two minutes after that. Alex has recovered well from this seizure but by no means has his condition abated. He is a remarkable young man who struggles against adversity with good humor and determination and I respect him immensely. Today we decided to reschedule for two weeks from now.

Tonight I did a ridiculous interpretive dance to Dusty Springfield’s ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ at a benefit for Children’s Memorial Hospital. I called the piece ‘Dusty Springfield is Like a Strong Cup of Coffee With Lots of Cream and Sugar’. It was quite a hit but I am exhausted. When I committed to the event I gave that title to the piece without having any idea what I would actually do. I choregraphed and rehearesed the piece for about two hours today and then performed around 8. There were lots of pseudoballetic leaps and bounds and I am feeling sore as hell. I probably won’t be able to move tomorrow morning but it was worth it and like I said, Julia’s out of town for the weekend so if I feebly totter about like an old man for a day or two she won’t be here to see it. I am enjoying spending time with Julia immensely. She’s met Miss Mayweather and a few other people and the world hasn’t come to a crashing end. I helped her write her resume’ this week as she is looking to get a job working as a medical assistant of some kind. She’s sick of the strip clubs and the money isn’t as great as people think it is, especially in a lousy economy. I don’t have a problem with her dancing as I don’t see it as anything but yet another crappy job that people take when they need money. It’s not like she finds the mooks attractive or anything. I’m certain that there are dancers who love their job and whatever, but most of the ones I’ve known feel like this (check it out. I found it an interesting blog.) about their clientle. In any case, I’m not pushing or anything on this, it’s her life and she’s in control of it.

Yesterday I was at the DuSable Museum. They had a cool exhibit on African American Soldiers that I wanted to see. They have some excellent paintings and sculpture as well. Afterwards we stopped at JJ Fish on Garfield Blvd just off of the Dan Ryan. I got the jumbo shrimp, fried okra, and wings with hot sauce. They have this awesome lemon pepper blend they put on the fries and shrimp. I had the wings cold for dinner that night.

Last weekend was Sam’s 40th birthday and Didi threw a brilliant party with a casino theme. Sam loves poker and had always dreamed of being a croupier so it was quite perfect. Rather than bring Sam gifts the guests played for prizes. Sam is feeling a little better and getting some sleep at night and Didi was positively radiant. I lost everything at the craps table, thereby learning why it’s called ‘craps’. However, when I sat down at the blackjack table I had a stunning run where I turned $5,000 worth of chips into over a million dollars. Of course, it’s easy to bet big with play money but I still parlayed it into some rather cool door prizes including an enormous custom gargoyle for the wall which I intend to hang this weekend. I gave the rest of my chips to Chris to play as I had to leave early to go paintballing, and it turns out I was glad to be well-rested for that morning.

I’m sorry I’ve been behind in my correspondence but I haven’t had much time near the ‘puter this week. I’m very tired and ready for bed now. My unlimited love to y’all, fo’ shizzle.          

2 Responses to “maydays in the life”

  1. Wow Winston…
    Snoop Dog, interpretive dance, strippers, seizures, field trips and winning “MY” gargoyle?!?!? Certainly sounds like an interesting, weird, and wonderful weekend!!

  2. I saw the ‘possibly related posts link’, followed it, and inevitably I Gizoogled this page.

    Shout out to mah Arizona homies.

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