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Been busy doing my bit, been thinking about this and that, been away from the ‘puter most of the time, and I still don’t have much to say right now. It’s Wednesday evening and I’m having a stretch and listening to Bowie at the moment, but that will switch to something else soon as I’m on shuffle. Hung some stuff on the walls this weekend and I like how it’s looking.

It seems over 100,000 people may have died in the storm in Myanmar. The criminal military junta that rules the nation is still turning away international aid in their mad paranoia. Of course, that sort of thing isn’t as uncommon as one may think, but our memories are short and we only notice what we want to see. I pray for the people of Burma/Myanmar to discover oil under their soil so that they may be freed of their terrible oppression.

I got an interesting email from a friend and I include it here with my responses in italics.

I am coming into this incredibly late but I still am responding so bleah.

I like how the media is mainly covering Indiana, yet NC has more delegates.  I am SURE there is no media bias there. 




They go where the story is or least where the conventional wisdom perceives it to be. The idea of ‘media bias’ in the coverage of primary elections implies that there is some sort of handshake and wink collusion going on between a handful of people that leads to how the press covers a story. A large amount of the media produced by humans is horses&it and handj0bs, but this is what sells best, and like it or not a free media is a commercial media (or at least have a large commercial component). It is dependent upon the consumer to be discerning and sophisticated enough to to not accept what any individual media source produces as the unvarnished truth. The commercial nature of the media forces them to be competitive about stories and scoops, and this leads to a pack mentality where they all tend to follow the same stories-witness the ‘shark attack summer’ of a few years back when every news outlet hi ghlighted every global incident of shark attacks on humans despite there being absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about the number of attacks that season. If you are paranoid, you may suspect that the people who are winking and shaking hands in the back room created the shark coverage frenzy in order to distract the masses from something nefarious, but the world just doesn’t work like that. The world is chaotic and patterns emerge from the random actions of individuals-in the same way that army ants build a bridge without any individual ant comprehending the project individual humans create media trends by following their instincts.

   It looks like Obama took a page out of HRC’s book by getting the majority of votes in the heavily populated areas in Indiana.  So, if Hill “wins” Indiana (and I use that term loosely, as it’s like saying she won N. Mexico–the margin being so slim that it makes little difference in terms of actual delegates, unlike in NC where Obama’s Can ‘O Whoop Ass was opened), then what that seems to suggest is the Maggie and Justin were dead on…mainly, Obama doesn’t appeal to Indiana hicks.  That could be a problem come November, as Obama has beautifully lofty rhetoric, however I don’t reckon he can dumbify it to suit his audience as well as Hill has done in recent weeks.  The irony of course is that Clinton and Obama are both a part of Elite circles.  That is except for the fact that B.O. has some legitimate street cred and is more “of the people” than Hill.Obama doesn’t appeal to Indiana hicks.  That could be a problem come November, as Obama has beautifully lofty rhetoric, however I don’t reckon he can dumbify it to suit his audience as well as Hill has done in recent weeks.  The irony of course is that Clinton and Obama are both a part of Elite circles.  That is except for the fact that B.O. has some legitimate street cred and is more “of the people” than Hill.  The way I read this is that Obama is the Democrat’s Democrat, wheras Hillary has more crossover appeal than we may admit. She’s winning like a Republican, which I believe you point out below.

I am sure there will continue to be more for the media to play up so this whole process drags on and on.  In my personal view, this whole process seems like a rather contorted manipulation of our minds.  The media makes it sound like Hillary is right there with Barack, but really she isn’t.  She has fewer delegates (and even lost ground after tonight), has lost superdelegates precipitously since February with no sign in that changing, has fewer popular votes, fewer states won, and a much, much smaller margin of victory in her wins.  See the maps on wiki to see what I mean.  So, this whole charade is a way to make it seem like there is a race when really there isn’t.  I think part of it has to do with the idea that HRC was supposed to win as of January.  But, then the people started to do that speaking with their votes thing.  And funny enough, they have overwhelmingly (enough) voted in favor of not only the other guy, but a 1/2 black man.  If that ain’t progress and a desire for change, I don’t know what is.  Instead, we get moronic talking heads going on and on spewing hateful and mindless diatribes on race in the election.  Hey, last I checked, Obama is winning out West, in the middle, down South, and along the Eastern seaboard.  So, the media’s insistence that this is still a “race” and pandering to Clinton is a) either a “special” consideration for her stature being a former first lady b) a way to keep spewing forth non-news instead of focusing on actual issues (i.e. the media is just as lazy when it comes to political coverage as they are to just about everything else)  c) a desperate cry from the old power guard to maintain the status quo  e) a way to pigeonhole Obama into accepting HRC as the VP candidate without tearing the party apart or d) some combination of all of the above.

 There is no way for Obama to attain the 2,025 delegates he needs to clinch. There is a difference of 156 delegates between them, and 217 delegates remain up for grabs. It’s not over until it’s over. If the lady wants to keep playing with her own money, there’s no reason for her not to. If she really has what it takes to lead this country, then she will fight to the end. If I were her I wouldn’t walk away now. She hasn’t actually lost yet and it’s not impossible for her to end up with a handful of more delegates than Obama when it’s all said and done. I offer New York Giants v New England Patriots as precedent, if not omen; in the year Bush and Gore tied, the All Star Game ended in a tie. If you don’t like that idea as mystic nonsense, perhaps it would be more appetizing to think of it as collusion between men in dark suites somewhere. In any case, simply because in your mind a thing is a certainty doesn’t mean that it is. That which is real is that which is still there when you stop believing in it; Obama’s victory is still only a very strong belief in something that hasn’t happened yet.     

I think I made a flip comment to a few friends before, but this is what I see happening IF we get an Obama/Clinton ticket.  They will win, hands down.  But, shortly before/after taking office, B.O. will be knocked off by some loon or a hired hand.  HRC will become prez and the status quo will remain.  People will be too shocked and awed to realize that HRC will get her way in the end, and yet won’t question her motives, despite being the one to really gain from Obama’s fall  b/c she will have already stood hand in hand with B.O. during the election and at the end of the day, people will still think she’s a good fit anyways.

Wow, am I overly cynical or what?  I’ll take the, “it’s late” excuse and head to bed.

 Dude. See all the above. I know you’re tired, I know you’re fried, but do you hear yourself? I’m stealing this for a blog post so I’m going to sound really condescending, but I think you know that I know you, brother, and so will take it in the right spirit when I tell you that whole paragraph is just stupid. I try to avoid saying that sort of thing to friends especially when I know that they’re smart, but sometimes you just have to slap someone and say ‘snap the smuck out of it for God’s sakes, man.’ Hillary has been taking the heat for the left for a very long time. She has been humiliated, slandered, and the target of right wing rage long before this, and all this time she has been loyal to her party and country. She is not a perfect saint by any means but she is a very accomplished and respectable individual by any measure and to hear that sort of speculation coming from someone who I know is not only smart but al so not in the least bit ignorant is shocking even in a private email. You should know better, even when you’re feeling cynical and tired.       





3 Responses to “nothing much to say”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Good Sir Winston…

    It boils down to this–NC wasn’t exciting, as a winner was called early in the night. IN was obviously very, very close because of the white trash vote, therefore that’s where the story was.

    As for Hilary Clinton…as I’ve mentioned before, I certainly respect her and even like her a little (though her Nixonian understanding of politics, largely constructed during the McGovern campaign on which she worked, has led to this going really quite negative).

    I don’t think it’s yet time for her to quit–at present I reject the theory that she’s staying in to torpedo Obama’s chances in the general election. I think it’s largely pride, and probably the feeling that she’s entitled to the nomination. (I completely agree that she’s taken many, many shots for her party and undergone much degradation on their behalf.) But nobody is entitled to be President, or even a major-party nominee. The next few weeks will tell the tale, however; if she continues to take the hatchet to Obama in the remaining states, it may prove me wrong. Personally, I think it’s a bad, bad idea, as if she torpedoes him she won’t be forgiven next time. If she supports him and doesn’t contest it up to the convention, then if he loses this time the nomination’s probably hers in ’12.

    My own feeling about HRC is that her place and her great strength lies in moving legislation, either as VP (Johnson to Obama’s Kennedy) or Senate majority leader. She wouldn’t be as effective in this as President. In either of those other roles, she can be the attack dog she was born to be, and not have to worry about being “nice.” She is–and I say this in all respect–the smartest, toughest bitch on the planet, and I for one would love to see her abilities placed where they would be most effective.

  2. Dig bro, I know it isn’t directly on topic, but I been listening to Bowie non-stop. Right now Heroes, Scary Monsters, David Live, and Stage are on steady rotation. Keep it real holmes!

  3. JohnnyP-
    I knew that I liked you for some reason, and clearly your musical taste is simpatico with mine. ‘Heroes’ is in the ‘best album ever’ category, to be sure. I love it all, pretty much; ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ and ‘Hunky Dory’ are brilliant, and I think ‘Outside’ is my next favorite record of his after ‘Heroes’, and I even have more of a fondness for ‘Let’s Dance’ than most fans of his care to admit to-I have a bootleg of the rehearsal for the ‘Sereious Moonlight’ tour with Stevie Ray Vaughn playing and it’s amazing to hear him tear into the older tunes like ‘Ziggy Stardust’. Bowie is always on topic here in the Teahouse.

    I was primarily playing Devil’s Advocate but I do believe Clinton is justified in continuing to campaign. I find it a bullying tactic to try to pressure a person to concede when they haven’t actually lost as the Republicans did during ‘Bush v Gore’. I think Obama is going to be the nominee but it’s not wise to completely discount Clinton if she is still fighting. While I support Obama and sincerely hope he will be President I am not blindly enamored of him probably because I followed his senate race so closely. I don’t think he’s really been tested politically until now, and he’s only going to be facing tougher challenges ahead. That’s why I think it’s a good thing that Hillary has fought him hard; intramural competition will toughen him up for the real thing. Of course, intramurals are only good until your players start injuring each other or exhausting themselves for the big game. Still, I don’t think Hillary had done anything to drag Obama down; to the contrary, his skillful handling of her attacks has only increased his aura of statesmanship. I also agree that he would be wise to include Hillary in his administration, if not his VP.

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