exhibit b

This video, while not pron, and in fact merely a clip of the Tyra Banks show, is really disturbing.

Yep, it’s pretty frakked up, right there. I just don’t understand. I had to stop watching and only listened to it when he started the bikini wax. I’m serious. Dead frakking serious. For some reason, Miss Mayweather sent that link to me. I suppose her motivations were similar to mine for sharing it here; a sort of horrified disbelief that demands confirmation that they did indeed see what they saw. I just realized I didn’t identify the ‘he’ in the sentence about the bikini wax but I just want you to see it for yourself. Or at least start to see and then listen to for yourself. There’s some stuff I just don’t wanna watch. It’s repulsive in same way that poop is unsexy, except worse, because poop is at least funny sometimes (okay, probably more than sometimes, but I digress). I don’t know what this is an exhibit of, and I’m sure what the thesis is, but I am sensing a theme in my last few posts.

In other news, Violet had further tests and she is healthy. It’s an understatement to say that made my day.

4 Responses to “exhibit b”

  1. so glad to hear Violet is ok

  2. YAY VIOLET!!!! That is the happy news to make the other thing not make life depressing!

  3. vote lisa 2008 Says:

    I’m sure winston didn’t want to give too many online details – i have a strong family history of breast cancer – my mums sister died in her forties, my mum in her early sixties – because of this i have a mammogram once a year – this was my first one and they found a blip that warranted further investigation. I eventually got an ultrasound, despite various mishaps (not turning up to an appointment, because i wasn’t notified etc – the radiologist referring to a previous non-existant mammo) I was ultrasounded yesterday and all appears to be fine 🙂 I love our health service, although the hospital was firmly stuck in the 1970s (apart from the nurses not wearing cute hats) I’m thankful that i have the opportunity to be throughly checked out. obviously everyone doesn’t have that opportunity, so a quick plug for the mammo-click


    and thanks again everyone for your well wishes – it means a lot 🙂

  4. Ah, my three kindly women, my fates, how I adore you. The threads you have woven for me are exquisite indeed and my appreciation is profound. This unique fabric is a joy to examine and I wear it like my skin. It is mine no matter how much I share it and will never be found again. I will love you all to the final cut and beyond; and even then no ungrateful moment will be found.

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