5 things at once

Busy week. Busy day today as well.

Last night I rode out with Miss Mayweather and Tommie to see Miss Isabella and her husband Phil’s new home. It’s very beautiful, large, and in a nice neighborhood. Justin and Maggie were there as well as Laura and her roommate Tracy. Miss Isabella cooked a lovely dinner and Miss Mayweather brought some lovely cakes-one was a peach and champagne concoction and the other one orange and honey, which I tasted and found heavenly. I’ll be performing Maggie and Justin’s wedding so it was a very homey gathering. I met Miss Mayweather’s kitten Jasper for the first time. He is adorable. The main event of the evening was playing ‘Rock Band’.

For my geriatric friends who are still convinced that videogames are greasy kid stuff let me assure you that sometimes they are and that is exactly the point. Phil has the guitars, mic, and drum kit and we rocked all night long, baby. At least, we rocked until 11:45 when we all realized how late it was and that we had a long drive and things to do in the morning. But until then, we rocked pure. It’s an amazing party game that is as much fun to watch as it is to play. The song choices are excellent as well. Miss Mayweather and I tore ‘Suffragette City’ up.

Even though I won’t blog about the day job, I’ve decided to start writing about it. I’ve seen several impossible things happen in the past two years and it has dawned on me that I have an unusual perspective that some people might find interesting. It has also occured to me that even if readers think my perspective is puerile the people I am writing about are endlessly fascinating and they should be compelling regardless of my own observations. Although it’s not about me, I found that it doesn’t make much sense without some background, so I’ve started working on an introductory chapter that I’ve tentatively titled ‘The Missed Education of Winston Delgado’. I’ve only written a few pages and it’s cracking me up.     

Lara, I noticed you updated. You should do that more often. Gordon looks like the years have treated him well. On your way back from New Orleans (if you really want good barbecue) cut through Kansas City and go to Arthur Bryants. And if you do that, bring me back a bottle of the original sauce!

Kenny is still on a ventilator. Apparently they inserted a trach tube yesterday and that went well. He’s been running a fever all week. However, he watched the Cardinals win the other day and that made him happy. Miriam seems to be doing okay and her spirits are up. Pray for Kenny.

I have rehearsal this afternoon and Julia is coming over for dinner tonight. I’m expecting that we’ll end up having brunch and doing something tomorrow afternoon. I also need to do some painting. My unlimited love to y’all.

Lily-I’m sorry I missed your birthday. I’m an idiot. I believe I was actually ‘chatting’ with you early in the morning of the 31st and the calendar just slipped my brain. I need a secretary. I hope you had a lovely day.


2 Responses to “5 things at once”

  1. Winston no apologies needed at all. Your previous post truly made me stop and *appreciate* the fact that I’ve been blessed to not only get older, but that I’m enjoying it as well!! What better gift than that?
    I’m glad to hear that you’ll be chronically some of your days’ work. Not many people I’m sure appreciate who you work with and what you do.

    Now on a completely irrelevant note, why did I get so many bottles of wine for my birthday?!?! Hmmm…. *LOL!*

  2. Obviously, the people who love you think you need to get drunk…

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