letter to kali

I owe you a letter and I need to post something to try and keep my promise, but I know you’ll see this and it will have to count as both. It’s still rude to double-dip, however, and I do apologize.

Yogu Farm Yogurt Flavored Drink is really awesome, yet my site is the first hit that comes up in Google when I searched to find out anything about it, and I only mentioned it yesterday. Does this mean I am the first person to blog (in English at least) about the wonder that is Yogu Farm Yogurt Flavored Drink? I am on the cutting edges of yogurt beverages. It has the feel of Skittlebrau in that it seems like a product that I have dreamed of yet there is a container of it in my fridge. Weird.

This morning I went out and bought frames. I got a frame for the beautiful piece you sent me and frames for the posters I’ve done for HeadCheese FatBoss and for a couple of drawings I did a long time ago. Surrounding myself with images that are both aesthetically pleasing and of personal significance is very calming and relaxing. That should seem obvious, but sometimes I notice obvious things. What I’m getting at is that I’m really starting to feel comfortable here.

After I got back from picking up the frames and running other errands in the suburbs I picked up Miss Mayweather and we went to the Spice House in Evanston. I had never been there before and while she put together her order I browsed the shelves in wonder. They have an amazing selection, incredible prices, and feel like something from another age. I picked up garlic powder and a lemon pepper blend. Miss Mayweather got magic stuff. From there we headed down to an intersection you should remember, Belmont and Clark. That’s where all the fun shops like the Alley and Chicago Comics are. I picked up some lovely new handblown glass pieces. I don’t actually get down there all that often but everytime I do I think of you.

I’m very sorry to hear about the situation with T-Bone. His problem isn’t his meds or whatever, but that he totally lacks self-discipline of any kind. He is a creature who cannot stop himself from indulging his every appetite regardless of the expense of everyone around him. I’m sorry, but he makes it so easy to sound self-righteous. And I don’t understand why some women do what they do, either. Bill Hicks had a lot to say on it. I just can’t understand what is so appealing about drunken louts that hit women, yet they always seem to have women around them to hit. I guess some people don’t know what’s bad for them. I know it’s all way more complex than that; I know all about what desperation and abuse will make people choose and I also know that guys like T-Bone have a certain snaky charm that’s hard to break. Predators hunt prey, which means that abusive users go after women who are prone to be used and abused. In any case, he’s the despicable one. She just doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Don’t read this part until you’ve seen ‘Meet Kevin Johnson’. I’ll say a couple of vague things about the show here until you can take your eyes away and catch up. First of all, wasn’t ‘The Constant’ fraking amazing? I love ‘Lost’ so fraking much… also, I’m saying fraking a lot because ‘BSG’ is coming back and I love that show too. Anyway, ‘Lost’…

Here’s my up-to-date crazy theories regarding ‘Lost’

1. Rousseau is alive. I think the scene between Ben, Rousseau, Alex, and Karl where they discuss fleeing to the Temple is interesting for several reasons. There seems to be a lot more going on between Ben and Danielle than we had been led to believe. The scene where Rousseau initially delivers Ben to the Survivors has plays entirely differently in light of how they interact now. She tacitly acknowledges that Ben is Alex’s father as she never argues or denies his claim. I also think that ‘Annie’ is a perfectly acceptable shortening of ‘Danielle’ and that Annie had given Ben a handmade doll wheras Danielle baits her traps with dolls. At the very least, Rousseau’s flashback episode would answer a ton of questions. I believe she survives the attack.

2. Ack. Just had guests over and have only three minutes left of Thursday. More tomorrow. 


One Response to “letter to kali”

  1. J. Brown Says:

    I only made it to Chicago Comics once, but a terrific trip it was. I only wish I lived closer to the city to take advantage of it again at some point. And kudos on residing at the cutting edge of yogurt beverage research and review. An untapped market, no doubt.

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