Maundy Thursdays in the life

It has occured to me that if I felt it were ethical to blog about my job I would never ever run out of material. Today was one of those days that would have been a spectacular post. I am filled with the satisfying constant ache of exhaustion confirming that I did my job well today and that I am good and ready for a week’s vacation. Also, today is a High Lostmas-the last episode before the hiatus, so it’s sure to be beautifully mind-blowing.

Still, my life apart from my job remains interesting, at least to me. Today, in the midst of the malestrom I managed to call Kenny. He’s going into surgery tomorrow. He was originally scheduled to go under the knife in May, but then the doctor decided the need was more urgent and it was moved up to April 1st. This filled me with dread, not merely because of the need to operate sooner, but because Shosh was killed on April 1st, 1991. When Persi called me to tell me the news at work I experienced a moment of wrenching false hope where I thought she was playing a sick joke. I would say I’m not superstitious, but at the same time I thought it was a good omen when Kenny’s surgery was moved from that day to Good Friday. It certainly gives me something to pray about this weekend.

Today I also heard from Lara. She and Gordon are engaged and she’s moving to Vermont. I felt an obvious mix of emotions but I’m glad that she’s moving forward and doing what she wants. Bliss must be followed where it leads.

Obama’s speech was amazing. In the past few weeks I’ve come to really be impressed by him. The closer I scrutinize him the more he looks like the real thing. I am tremendously disappointed by the actions of the Clinton camp, particularly Geraldine Ferraro. She behaved like any other race baiter-she starts by reducing Obama to nothing but his race, then claimed that she was being attacked because she was white and accused others of playing the ‘race card’. It is shameful and desperate behavior.

Everything is going well at the place. I’m looking forward to finally finishing unpacking, hanging things on the walls, and generally settling in. Julia left her PS3 here while she’s in Tennessee for the next few weeks, so I’m going to be fooling around with that as well. She and I aren’t exactly serious, but we’ve been seeing each other for a little while now. I’m starting to get more comfortable with the idea of dating a younger woman as I enjoy it very much even while I still sometimes feel like a doddering old fool. These consarned kids with their hepcat music and crazy gadgets have a way of doing that to you, though. Anyway, I have a PS3 and my steady date is out of town. I’m looking forward to having my friends by.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been really busy. I promise a post a day for at least the next ten days. My unlimited love to y’all.


2 Responses to “Maundy Thursdays in the life”

  1. vote lisa 2008 Says:

    oh fffft. Ferraro resigned and did the dignified thing under the circumstances.

    it seems to be perfectly acceptable for obama supporters to refer to hillary as the ‘bitch’ without any raised eyebrows or come-back. the SNL ‘black is the new president, bitch’ (it’s ok for women to call each other bitch with a hint of reverence, it’s not ok for a guy to call a woman bitch with a hint of vehemence. it’s like reclaiming ‘nigger’.) and the kerfuffle over at daily kos with the pro-Hillary bloggers going on ‘strike’ because of the misogynistic approach to Hillary. add to that the mcCain campaign refering to her as the bitch….

    what i really think,is that Hillary is tenacious. the way that she treats obama during the campaign for the nomination is indicative of the fight that she will wage to be president once she has secured that nomination. Obama, being the official candidate would just smile, make a speech about hope and ‘hope’ that that is enough. Hillary won’t give up. Hillary would do whatever she deems necessary to be president. I admire that. I do think there will be (possibly unpalatable) surprises that she pulls out before the nomination is secured and I do still think that the church thing will be very VERY bad for Obama. If you have to reiterate that you’re not a Muslim by attending a church that soundbites ‘god damn America’ and then act dumb that your twenty year association with that church means you didn’t really notice the damning bit…. well….

    more important than that – love to the empty kettle, i hope your metaphorical’ mettal is shiny and true. we have the wizard of oz on over here at easter, as I’m sure you do too – I’m struck by the wicked witches bad press, having seen ‘wicked’ aroundabout this time last year in London with my children – which brings me neatly ba(ra)ck to Hillary.

    so much for an update a day for ten days while your steady date is out of town, drag yourself away from the PS3 johnny… 😉

    Happy easter american cousins.

  2. sorry. Actually, I’ve been painting. I’ll make up some extra this week! 😀
    Apparently Kenny is doing fine and the surgery went as close to perfectly as possible.
    An SNL sketch has nothing to do with the Obama campaign, wheras Ferraro was a part of her fundraising committe. I can’t only be outraged by racism when it comes from the right wing. I think what has happened here is that Clinton put together a team to fight the Republican in the fall, never suspecting that she would be challenged so strongly in the primary, by an upstart nobody no less. Her advisors are ready to fight the wars of the past with the old Republican enemies and have no idea how to deal with this young man who represents an alternative to them.
    Regarding the Obama church thing. Anyone familiar with the Black Nationalist Church Movement isn’t surprised by the rhetoric; there is a lot of anger in black communities. There is a lot of anger everywhere, actually. You could walk into any number of houses of worship this weekend and hear hate and intolerance directed at any number of God’s Children in a wide variety of groupings based on the prejudices of the preacher. It’s easy to go quote fishing and find any number of outrageous statements made by individuals associated with a candidate but that’s not even remotely in the realm of debating the issues, isn’t it? It’s the low road, and I won’t support a Democrat who takes it against another Democrat. Not this time in this election. I would actually like to see a Democrat take the high road against the Republican, and I really think Obama could do that and win.
    Oh my God, I played with the pod and now I’m one of them, aren’t I?
    Happy Easter, baby. Sam’s transmission died and I have to drive him home.

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