RIP Gary Gygax.  Thank you for your wonderful game, Gary. You made the real world a better place by making an imaginary world for us to play in.

I finally finished off the last arc of the strip I’ve left dangling for months

For anyone who may actually be trying to follow that nonsense, I really do appreciate the criticism and critique I have recieved so far and welcome anything anyone has to say about the work. 

I’m as surprised as anyone by Hillary’s performance in the primaries yesterday. I am definitely pleased despite my misgivings about Boomers and whatever else I may have said earlier-I enjoy the contest of it very much seeing as how both candidates appeal to me just fine in terms of what I’ve been offered in the past. I also believe that the tougher the primary, the more ready the winner will be for November. John McCain has been through many campaigns and will not be a pushover. If Clinton and Obama have to really struggle to settle it between them then all the better.

Did a new painting over the weekend, a quick impressionist sitting of a guest on my couch. I’m thinking of trading it to my friend D for a painting I gave him several years ago. It’s in his taste and I’m missing the piece he’s holding. However, they both feature redheads so I’m certain he’ll appreciate it.

It’s Lostmas Eve. I am aquiver with anticipation. Last weeks’ episode was immediately in the category of Best Lost Episode Ever and Tommie J nominated for Best Hour of TV Ever. There were seconds to the motion. I would have to consider the competition lest my judgement be too hasty in the heat of the moment. Plus, there’s several episodes left in the season. The last television show that hooked me in such a way that watching it was literally a party (Miss Mayweather is an exceptional host and always provides a wonderful home cooked meal to her assembled multitude) with regular guests was ‘X-Files’, and that show broke so bad that it made me want to scream. That ‘Lost’ has a definite endpoint and concluding arc is reassuring when I recall the endless curtain-pulling that ‘X-Files’ degenerated into (‘Look, Scully! The answers to everything we’ve been looking for! Oh, look, here’s a completely different conspiracy standing right behind it! And there’s another one! Damn, there sure are a lot of shadowy groups controlling the world, what with all these Bigfoots and aliens running around everywhere.’) Not enough spooky, too much stupid.      

3 Responses to “updates”

  1. The Prof Says:


    So…wait a minute. Is the guy controlling the evil forces that want the island Penny’s father?

    I’d thought Juliet was deadweight, but as it turns out, each time I think that they do something to make her interesting again.

  2. So…wait a minute. Is the guy controlling the evil forces that want the island Penny’s father?

    The nature of the show is so unusual in that there is no single protagonist and it is sometimes difficult to determine who is actually an antagonist (this itself is a theme of the show, with the lists of good and bad people and the Others insistence that they are the ‘good’ guys. Ack. So very, very good.

  3. Oh, and remember to check your ideas of good and evil at the door. Ben says Widmore is evil, but his people really did neutralize the (nerve gas?) whatever in the Tempest. Every time you see Ben, imagine him in front of a pit of corpses that he filled. Hell, he showed the pit to Locke and tried to add him to it and Ben still has managed to manipulate Locke into letting him walk free!
    Best… Show… Ever…

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