Port Awesome

Port Awesome.

Port Awesome is a suburb Northwest of Oz and three degrees East of Electric Ladyland. Originally began as a cul-de-sac overtaken by pirates, it has grown into it’s own small municipality complete with it’s own newsletter, book club, and interdimensional portal. Now, thanks to the efforts of Miranda and her husband, Port Awesome has a presence on the World-Wide Interwebs. I have an apartment there. 

Speaking of which, here’s some shots of the castle 3.0 courtesy of Wavey Gravey’s camera phone:
emma on the couch
Emma on the couch.
park view
The view from the front porch. It’s a nice little park.

studio corner
Those are two new paintings I’ve started since moving in. I’ll put more pictures up as I decorate and get settled.

Another snow day today. Chicago has been hit by some serious weather and it’s still snowing this afternoon. We’ve had 11 minutes of sunshine so far this month. At least fifty are dead from tornadoes across the south. Last week I got into an argument with a friend about climate change and I found ourselves getting very frustrated. The argument began when someone commented on the cold weather outside and he sneered and said something to effect that this was evidence that the notion of climate change was absurd. I then pointed out the waves of tornadoes that had swept through just north of us a month earlier during the first week of January. He said that fluke weather happened all the time.
This sort of shifting of yardsticks is maddening to me. It also irked me that in the course of the argument he invoked Michael Crichton, implied that the motive of scientists doing climate research was to make money and that everyone was being duped by Al Gore. That Sam ended up being the calm moderator between us should be evidence of what an unusual conversation this was for those of you who know what conversation with Sam can be like.
My own views on the situation humans are in regarding our climate have nothing to do with awards that Al Gore wins or the propaganda of any ideological camp. The climate has always changed throughout time and there is abundant physical evidence of this. This means the climate is a system that responds to changes in the many variables that compose it. In other words, if you change the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, there are going to be changes in the atmosphere. In the past few centuries human population has achieved exponential growth, adding billions of bodies to the planet in a geological blink, to say nothing of the sudden extraction and expulsion of carbon into the air and oceans that had taken hundreds of millions of years to contain within the Earth. That the planet is generally growing warmer and local weather patters are becoming more chaotic The relative isolation of the continents has been completely undone by human travel, allowing macro and micro biota to travel more widely than ever before, causing even greater disruption of local ecologies. Industrial fishing of the seas has pushed ancient species to the brink of extinction while warming sea temperatures let other ancient species overbreed into destructive blooms that wipe out all other life in the vicinity. Glaciers across the globe recede, the North Pole is open water, and Antarctic ice shelfs are collapsing. 
The last time something like this happened was around 11,000 years ago. Costal areas across the globe were flooded as the glaciers retreated. I speculate that the earliest human civilizations were just getting started on these coastlines and that this climate change wiped them out, leaving us with nothing but myths like Atlantis and the Vedas, setting the human venture back immeasurably. Stubborn denial about the weather doesn’t change it, and we are better off preparing for the coming storms than pretending that they’re not going to happen.      


5 Responses to “Port Awesome”

  1. vote lisa 2008 Says:

    i want that goddam painting! thats how it should have looked.

  2. Darling, you just made it 80 degrees and sunny in Chicago. That’s quite a trick, especially considering how it’s night.

  3. Omigod look at that mess!!! I’ll get the bleach!!

    (he he he for old times sake!)

  4. KISSES to Emma!! Aaaaaaw so cute! I miss her and she makes me think sweet thoughts of Mendelssohn!

  5. She’s actually kind of blurry in that shot. I still find her curled up with Mendelssohn’s old black and white toy mouse. It’s been her favorite object for years. When I catch her carrying it around it’s absurdly cute. We miss him too.

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