12 days of Christmas in the life

Comic update

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I apologize for the lack of updates but this December has been the busiest of my life thus far. I have had a good time of it, though, as I enjoy living my life in a sort of pell-mell, willy-nilly, berzerk-yeti-running-amok-at-the-Pope’s-funeral kind of way. However, as I grow older I am finding that structure and organization can be my friends, among many other interesting things, and I am finding myself sorting out the whirling chaos of myself to see what is more useful and productive than limiting and worthless. It has occured to me that the worst aspects of my character need not be part of it at all.

This month I found myself directing a play with a cast of thirty who had never all rehearsed together, four musical numbers that none of them were familiar with, and a host of other nightmarish problems including the tiny detail that it was supposed to be a light comedy but was dreary and unfunny beyond appreciation. When I asked them to run the show without tech or costumes or anything, they looked at me like a dog who had been shown a card trick. It was eight days before opening and we had no rehearsals scheduled for that Saturday or Sunday so it was really six days before opening and they had never even run one of the acts all of the way through. There were sixty five pages of script and it took nearly three hours to get through them that first night. Six days later when the director returned the show ran well under two hours with intermission and was really funny. The tech stuff ran as smoothly as it could but that was another nightmare altogether. The cast had been deeply depressed when I showed up as they knew they were in a bad show but I worked on their morale and from there everything was actually pretty easy. I felt kind of like an elf. It was nice. 

On the 22nd, I became Godfather to my nephew Ryan. The ceremony was beautiful and he smiled joyfully and laughed throughout. The love I feel for this infant cannot be expressed except to say that the world is more important to me because he is in it. Kenny, you’ll be happy to know we did it in one of your clubhouses and they did a great job.

That same night I got the keys to my new apartment.

Then I went to a fabulous holiday party at Tommie J and Miranda’s. The Falconcougarthunderbirds won the Trivial Pursuit contest. April was there. I chatted her up.

On the 23rd, I saw the Hipmas Carol. It was really great. The new guitarist transforms the show-it’s not about him, it’s about the story. There’s some neat theatrical moments, but what is most impressive are the performances of Pat and Tyler. They are two top-notch artists at the top of their game. It’s really special to see.

On the 24th I had Christmas Eve with the family at my brother’s house. He was working at the firehouse so it was a drag he wasn’t there. I got him Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ for Christmas. I did all my shopping that afternoon at Barnes & Nobles. I even got everything giftwrapped there because they have a table where people from various charities wrap your stuff for a donation. This evening there were two volunteers for Canine Companions, a group that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities. They did a great job wrapping my gifts and the dogs were incredibly friendly. We also all agreed with a rotund man that Johnny Depp is probably the finest actor of his generation.

Today my brother and Jake dropped by for some Christmas morning gifts. It was so nice for all of us to be together on Christmas morning. It just felt right. I made some calls to friends this afternoon. When I called Lara her mom answered and called me Gordon. It was kind of hilariousy perfect in the way that so many moments of my life seem to be meticulously scripted. We had a nice chat and then I had a nice chat with Lara and made plans to pick up some furniture from her tomorrow night before she left town. After I got off the phone I had a cigarette and thought about how I like to say that history doesn’t repeat but it rhymes; yet when I looked across the chaotic and haphazard way path I have sliced through life so far I still could see symmetry in relationships and moments reflecting echoes that I was almost never conscious of at the time but are clear as day in hindsight.   
Postscript-I just checked my email and there’s a note from Kali. Merry Christmas, baby. I’m always so glad to hear from you.  

2 Responses to “12 days of Christmas in the life”

  1. Thank you for sharing this… I miss you all horribly. I’m still wishing I could be in two places at once. Congrats on the new homestead. Can you please bless us with pics & details?? How exciting!
    I wish you could hear me humming the Godfather theme song… but since you can’t you’ll just have to imagine it as I congratulate you – uber cool Godfather! 😀
    Much love your way… this is the year I’ll be able to get back home for a visit. Yay 2008!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    history…. yes, it can repeat itself… it can be similar again and again. But does it because that is the nature of things… or because we failed to learn the lesson the first time. Did we not let go of our history so that we can be more ready for the future?

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