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I’ve been very busy and expect to get busier between now and Christmas. I will still update as often as I can. The next chapter of the Peculiar Adventures is coming along very nicely and I will be ready to post the first ten pages of it fairly soon.

I have a friend who is a Ron Paul supporter that I like to tease, and today I posed the following to him (my own response follows):
Which is worse, Big Government or Big Corporations?

I freely admit that this is neither a fair nor balanced question, and it could be argued that it posits a false dichotomy. However, I don’t really see the pragmatic alternative to either of them. We live in a nation of over three hundred million people on a planet with a population approaching seven billion human beings. It is not reasonable to imagine that we are all going to return to subsistence farming or nomadic tribes anytime again, and that if we were it would be in the aftermath of an apocalyptic catastrophe. There is no return to a garden for us here on Earth.
This is similar to the argument I make for the United Nations to those who despise it so; if the UN were to disband and disappear today, the first thing we’d have to do tomorrow is form an organization where the nations of the world can meet and create legal agreements that affect global commerce and other matters. 
The generations of Americans who recieved a public school education include the people responsible for putting humans on the Moon, among other things. What could be gained by dismantling it along with so many other Big Government boondoggles? Even more widespread ignorance? This public school system is sustained by the revenues generated by an economy that is at the top of a global economic system of enormous corporate interests. What could be gained by dismantling this system? Deprivation and depression?  
The economic engines of Big Corporations would not function without the regulation and infrastructure Big Government provides. Societies of hundreds of millions of people cannot sustain themselves by hunting game, gathering berries, or by everyone farming their own plot of land. There is a difference between making money and generating wealth. Simply making money is not enough nor is it even wise. If all a Big Corporation desires is to make money, there is no more entity that could be more callously amoral in that pursuit. If a Big Government is careless with how it makes its money (in the sense of how they manage their currencies) the mightiest of economic engines could be crippled. Generating wealth is different. It requires a long-term view, patient investment, and creative solutions to problems. If Big Corporations and Big Government are run with these mindsets they could be even more beneficials tools for human beings than they already have proven to be.  

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