every day (in the life) is halloween

Some new comments on old posts that might be interesting:

The strange tale of Dennis Kulakowski takes a twist…Cuffy Meigs is still shooting his mouth off…
-It seems Cuffy is blocking me from posting at his site-I tried to put a response up at this charming post where Cuffy mocks retarded people, but I just can’t seem to get anything to stick. Maybe some of my readers would have a better time posting my response or link to the strip there… ***update-I can post there now.***

Strip updates: 
The last four pages (which are a coda and not directly or obviously linked to the previous pages) of Clock Monday should be up in a day or two.
The next chapter (The Furious Buddha vs The Innocent Bystanders) is up and complete. The next chapter (‘Port Awesome’) will be up within the month.

Erin & Phil’s wedding was wonderful. It was at this old barn that has been retrofitted into a really nice space for hosting events. The bar is in the silo, which not only kept everything chilled but was also just a really interesting place for a bar to be. The echo was amazing. Erin used silver jack o’lanterns as her centerpieces and they were such a hit that they had all been pilfered by the end of the night. Everyone looked great and had an excellent time. They didn’t use a DJ, just a laptop hooked up to the sound system, and I for one did not miss the presence of those most superfluous of people. I couldn’t get my printer to work and was freaking out because I had to deliver the homily. Tommy J is not only a brilliant IT guy but an all-around genius-while a group of us were trying to figure out ever more elaborate ways to print out the speech he just asked me if I could write it out.
Well, duh.
I love that the guy who spends his entire day trying to keep computer systems running came up with the beautifully simple neo-luddite solution. Yes, it’s the twenty-first century but pens still work. The speech ended up going really well and I met some very interesting people. (Phil’s hot blonde cousin from Madison was particularly interesting-we talked for a while and things were going really well until her boyfriend showed up. She seemed embarassed by him but I was more embarassed that I thought things were going really well!) Miranda and I spent about forty five minuted having the traditional drunken deep conversation that is the hallmark of all great weddings. Many people were staggering, tripping and otherwise deeply inebriated by the end of the evening and it was very entertaining to be sober for the spectacle.

It’s funny to me how little I miss drinking. I used to drink the way a Chicagoan votes-early and often. I never went to AA or had a terrible accident or otherwise ruined mine or somebody else’s life, so I don’t have a terribly dramatic story, and I still drink wine or beer on occasion (I drank a few glasses of wine on Saturday at the wedding, in fact) so I don’t tend to think of myself as an alcoholic. Still, I find that I enjoy life much more deeply and richly when I am sober. I am more useful and capable when I am not drinking and I never do anything I regret. I don’t think that anyone who does drink is doing anything particularly wrong or shameful; I’m certainly not one of those teetotalers who thinks everyone needs to abstain with them. I enjoy being a designated driver and making sure that the party remains a party and not a tragedy. Plus, when people are drinking they tell you more about themselves than they ever would sober-booze is like truth serum-ask Mel Gibson. In the country of the drunk, the sober man is king.
Speaking of, when I was driving a couple of drunks (Jim and some other dude) back to their hotel we passed the Vernon Hills Zanies. At exactly that moment, Other Dude and I both say ‘Hey, I saw Otto & George there, man!’. We then commiserated as only complete strangers can when they know they have both had the same mind-blowing experience. Otto & George are the most terrifying, bizarre, and hilarious comedy act I have ever seen. Otto is the ventriloquist and George is a dummy from hell. There is no description of their act that will do them justice suffice to say that if you are in the same room with them you will be laughing uproariously while feeling kinda nervous about what may happen next. Anyway, it was crazy that the random drunk I was driving to his hotel was a fan as well, but it gave us something to talk about. Poor Jim must have thought we were both disturbed.

E & P are off to Hawaii today, and they happen to be honeymooning on the same chunk of island that Lost is shooting on. We’re hoping they bring back some spoilers.

My unlimited love to y’all,

2 Responses to “every day (in the life) is halloween”

  1. WHAT happened to Mr Kulakowski? I’m not sure where the link is supposed to go…?
    Thank you for fixing the comment section so I can leave annoying things for you he he he!

  2. I fixed the link. His ex-wife left me a note.

    You never annoy me, darling. How’s everything?

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