I’m the relativist?

If this is your idea of a ‘playboy’ then you are a despicable idiot.

What the National Review said in 1965 about the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

What the National Review said in 2007 about the Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

But then, the left wing can be ridiculously stupid, too. 

I cannot comprehend the statement of the jury member in the first post. How this predatory scum could be considered a ‘playboy’ by anyone, let alone someone who somehow made it onto the jury of a man accused of serial rape, is too repellent for my imagination to contemplate. I comprehend the criminal: I understand people without conscience who regard other human beings as their playthings; stunted monsters who only feel fear, rage and emptiness without a true sense of anything outside of their own desires and thoughts. I cannot understand people who think these criminals are cool.

The link to the moderate voice item is interesting if for nothing else to remind us about who really are the historical revisionists.  It helps put the contemporary National Review opinion into a neat little frame. The right wing frothing over Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize is predictable and understandable; from their perspective they can’t see things any other way. They are endlessly frustrated by repeatedly discovering that reality ignores their opinions. Of course, the right wing doesn’t have the exclusive patent on this sort of thing. Andrew Cockburn is either engaging in extremely subtle satire or has removed his tinfoil hat and started recieving the wrong CIA signals because he actually makes an insane Nazi analogy that would simply be hack writing coming from a right wing message board.

Am I really a relativist?

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