Yell Fire When There’s Fire, Know Liars For Their Lies

***updated**** 11/01

Hello. I just noticed that this page has been translated by someone into Arabic. I must say that the script is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you, whoever you are. Simply seeing that was a kind of gift. I really enjoy the familiar from a different perspective. I must say that I didn’t even know Google had that function. It almost strikes me that Google may well undo much of what Babel wrought. Freedom of thought and expression are an essential right of every human and the free exchange of ideas are essential to the progress of humanity.

Congratulations, Mr. Gore
Ilsa, She-Devil of the SS strikes yet again, unsurprisingly.
Yes, John Gibson, you are a racist.

One of my Aunts collapsed in her home most likely on Sunday evening. She is in the ICU and very cranky today. She was not found until Thursday when my parents went to her home and called the police who broke down the door to find her unconcious on her kitchen floor. My grandmother had not been able to get her sister on the phone and when she told my mother she drove up to Barrington to check on her. There were four days of newspapers in front of her house. When my mother asked the couple next door to call for help they used the non-emergency number and my aunt waited another 20 minutes at least inside her home for help.

This fills me with furious frustration, but the couple who live next door to my aunt are as elderly as she is and cannot be expected to be responsible for her. Still, that they used the non-emergency number was baffling. I don’t understand why my parents didn’t just call 911 themselves, but I can understand that once they knew a call had been made they were just in waiting mode themselves. None of them had a key, not even my grandmother. The planning for the situation in retrospect was awful and yet somehow it looks like the lady is tougher than anyone thought. Hopefully she will recover as much as she can but considering her advanced age and frail health it will be a struggle for her. The doctors still don’t even know what felled her in the first place.

At a young age I learned the importance of paying attention to your surroundings and responding with appropriate urgency to the situation as it unfolds. Panic is as unhelpful as inaction and generally only makes things worse, but freezing, ignoring, or denying an obvious problem is inexcusable. At least the panicky idiot is trying to help, and their noisy flailings may even attract the attention of somebody who can help. In self-defense classes it is often taught to yell ‘fire’ rather than ‘rape’ or ‘help’ because a fire is a threat to one’s possessions and self, and so a person who hears ‘fire’ is far more likely to respond. There are far too many examples of man’s indifference to man around us and throughout our history to not agree that this is excellent advice. Conversely, it is agreed that yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater when there is no fire is not free speech and can in fact be a crime. Being able to distinguish between the two is the foundation of good judgement. One is causing a panic in a crowd that could result in property damage, serious injuries, and death; the other is raising an alarm to prevent property damage, serious injuries and death. Which is which should be abundantly clear to any responsible adult and even most children over the age of seven. Sometimes the wee ones have difficulty grasping the elasticity of ethics and ‘unless’ clauses of rules. And yet we see tremendous lapses in judgement everywhere.

Mr. Al Gore is certainly the greatest ex-Vice President of the United States in history and will certainly retain that status after the current occupant departs, to say nothing of his rival in 2000. It’s quite an unique vindication. He will certainly hold great sway with the next administration should it be Democratic and his status can only help the nominee achieve that. The attacks and resistance he has encountered I regard as an endoresement of Swift’s observation about confederacies of dunces. He has faced considerable scrutiny and the worst things anyone can truly say about him is that he may have exaggerated on a few points while trying to sound the alarm.

Ann Coulter and John Gibson are trying to incite the mob to panic. There’s no other explanation for such behavior. They are both relying on simplistic media stereotypes to make offensively ignorant arguments on race and theology. Both of them should know better, and they do. They are trying to make things worse on purpose. This is worse than panic, worse than freezing, and it certainly is the opposite of helping.

My unlimited love to y’all,

3 Responses to “Yell Fire When There’s Fire, Know Liars For Their Lies”

  1. Professah J Says:

    Oh, Winston…

    I cannot claim to know what’s in Ann Coulter’s heart, except that, in technical theological terms, she’s telling the truth here. It’s an unsettling truth, but many Christians do consider themselves “perfected Jews,” and there’s a legitimate interpretation of the Bible that suggests it. (I in no way agree with it, mind you.) As for her Theatre of Horrors, well, she’s been out of the public eye since being spanked by Elizabeth Edwards on MSNBC, so she needed to get more attention. That’s who she is, and what she does. Much as I detest her commentary, the best way to control Coultergeist is to ignore her. And that is what I choose to do.

    I do not believe John Gibson really has race-based hatred in his heart. I do believe he’s an incredibly ignorant, stupid, fearful man who has no business being on the air in the 21st century. If you want real racism, look at the citizens of Jena, where local whites have taken to hanging nooses on their trees and from the backs of their vehicles.

  2. Prof-
    She’s ‘legitimately’ correct if you accept medievalist anti-semitism as ‘legitimate’ theology. I do agree that she want attention, but I think there’s more to it than that. Mainstream press keeps inviting her back on without apology or explanation for her previous statements, thereby giving a de facto tacit approval to them-she is moving the bar back on what is considered legitimate every time she does something like this. She is a demagogue. If you and I ignore her nothing will happen-she’ll keep getting invited back to platforms where she can reach millions with her toxins.
    I think Gibson is a racist. He was watching a report on a school shooting unfold and he just started going off about blacks and white and I dunno, just read the transcript. To me it’s a matter of what’s in your head coming out of your mouth. When people like John Gibson are spouting their empty nonsense, it gives tacit encouragement to the noose-hangers. In fact, those noose-hangers aren’t just in Jena-they’re even here in Chicago. Gotta run. Thanks!

  3. Professah J Says:

    Noble Winston,

    I still think Gibson’s just plain stupid. Which is not to say he isn’t “racist”–but in my own mind I see him as ignorant as opposed to intentionally malevolent. (His ignorance does not help the situation at all, of course, and may well encourage the little-brained noose-hangers and make them feel better about their bigotry.) I read the transcript; I don’t know where to begin with all the fallacies he’s making there, but the sense I get is that his predispositions are getting the better of him. Racism, yes. Tacitly urging lynchings, no. (Not yet, anyway.) Eventually he’ll cross a line even FOX can’t tolerate, and since he’s far more expendable than O’Reilly or Hannity, he’ll go.

    As for Coultergeist…the news media keep having her on because she draws ratings–my feeling is that people just want to hear what poison will spew from her lips this time. (I suspect that’s also why she moves books.) Though I do think Hannity has her on because he secretly agrees with her and she says all the things even he, in his malignant narcissism, cannot. (When she’s not available there’s always Michelle Malkin.) At least there’s an Olbermann to call her on it.

    As one who teaches academic discourse, I can’t abide either–public discourse has gone down the shitter since 9/11 (and even before), as has the mainstream news (though they’re slowly catching up–I think Mr. Colbert made them face some things they would like to have forgotten.) I do, at least, see more interviewers calling Coulter on her unsubstantiated bile.


    The Prof

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