Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
I’m sending this wish to delight you
I’m singing off key to amuse you
I’m smiling because I miss you  
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
I’m smiling because I remember you
I’m singing enthusiastically because I love you
I’m sending this wish to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

I skipped my twentieth high school reunion to see a friend from college that I haven’t seen in ten years. Sweet Netheria was hosting him and Wulf, Kenny, and Christopher were there as well as several old friends including James, our voice coach from college and his partner Michael. They’ve both had a terrible summer. Michael’s father died in a motorcycle accident and James suffered a heart attack on the same day. James has recovered quickly and looks very well. He was very positive and it was great to see him. Netheria is not doing as well and I am distressed by her situation and state of mind. She was a magnificent hostess; the food was delicious and healthy and her proposal of marriage to me was tempting despite the drunken desperation that birthed it. She is a bad relationship and I definitely did not like dude when I met him. He struck me as very self-absorbed.

Christopher brought Jen with him and I was struck by how happy they are together. Cohabitation is good for them, it seems. Jen had a front seat for some of the drama and I believe she is now officially a member of the tribe in every way. She is very funny, sharp, and likable; but then librarians tend to be my favorite sort of people anyway.

While it was good to see Raven, he seems very sad to me. He is taking care of his elderly parents and his father suffers from both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and I can only imagine how difficult that must be. While he says he likes living in Indianapolis he doesn’t seem to enjoy it much though he does seem to enjoy his work for the nonprofit foundation; that along with his responsibility to his parents is more than enough to keep him there for now. To see him gave me a profound sense of time passed; he is a comrade from a long ago time and while he seems more attached to those days than I do I think I share his nostalgia to some degree. He and Netheria were delighted by the ‘Clock Monday’ sketches I showed them which feature some familiar landmarks from twenty years ago.

I am sorry to report that Wulf and Susan’s cat Pushkin died this past week. He was fourteen and a great cat. He shall be missed.

Kenny’s health seems to be holding steady and his spirits are good. He is back in school and loving it.

More later. Gotta run. My unlimited love to y’all.

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