Diets are bull$%!+

I just had a doctor’s appointment on Saturday and it went very well. My blood pressure is 126/78 and I have dropped over 60 lbs in the past year. My cholesterols are down and so are my blood sugars. What’s my secret? Type II diabetes. Taking a blood sugar test twice a day proved very helpful in giving me a goal to work towards on a daily basis: I’m not satisfied unless I get high score (or in this case, low score) on any video game, and I could actually see the results of my calorie intake and energy output displayed on the screen in simple numbers. (I’m actually half-serious here-this really is focusing for me on a daily basis.) Ten months ago I was regularly spiking in the 250’s. For the past several months I’ve been keeping it in the 120’s.

I’m not dieting. I’ve just changed some basic things. No more sugar sodas or candy. No seconds. I snack on seeds and nuts. Breakfast is granola and yogurt. Lunch is a piece of fruit and a sandwich. Dinner is my most flexible meal of the day and I enjoy whatever my appetite craves and circumstances allow. It’s helped that my job is anything but sedentary-I move all day and I try to take a long walk several times a week.

I really understand the food issues. My sense of body image was really screwed up for a long time. When I was thin I thought I was fat, and the heavier I got the less I felt… not fat, but ‘wrong’. It’s more complex than that but I think you get the idea. There’s a definite link between depression and diabetes-they reinforce each other. The diagnosis really helped me cut through all of the nonsense in my head and see things in a much clearer light. If Coca Cola seems too dear to sacrifice, imagine sacrificing your foot or your eyes to Coca Cola and suddenly it’s not so dear any more.

Food and drink is not something to feel guilty about or to obssess over. It is to sustain us so that we may really live our lives; I say this as someone who has felt more than his share of guilt and obsession about food and who has overcome it because I had to. I feel much more useful and positive and all that happy stuff, and the thing about it is that it took the doctor threatening my life to get me here. I don’t require injections yet and if I maintain my lifestyle my doctor believes that I can live symptom-free.

I pig out on sushi and and the occasional steak. Fried foods and such aren’t even appetizing anymore; pizza and grease leave me feeling bloated and sick. I quit drinking booze a long time ago so keeping that out of my life isn’t difficult; for those of you who do enjoy to drink, I’m sorry, but those are the emptiest calories of all. I hope I don’t sound like one of those smug health nuts because I’m not; I still smoke and whatever and I think chubby girls are cute. However, if you want to lose weight to feel healthier, then go for it. I think measuring pounds lost is not the best yardstick for gauging progress, though; water weight, fat weight, and muscle weight are all different things that flucuate differently as your body changes. I have found that measuring body chemistry, blood pressure, and clothing size is far more accurate and less prone to accidentally depress you. Also, diets are complete bulls&*$. Let me say that again so that we’re all perfectly clear: diets are bull$&!+. Change your habits permanently. Your habits are what brought you to this juncture. Discard them and adopt new ones that suit who you are today, not who your parents told you you were, or lovers and friends told you you were, or even who you’ve told yourself you are up until this moment.

8 Responses to “Diets are bull$%!+”

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  3. Yay!!!! Go Winston!!!!! I’m proud of you!!

  4. Think of all the wonderful things the amazing “machinery” of your body has allowed you to do in your life. My legs may be a little chubby but they’ve never let me down when I want to GO and DO something!! So happy to read about your good doctor visit!

  5. I must say that you have hit the nail on the head…I too had bad habits,and was diagnosed with diabetes. I give myself injections, and take a regime of pills to counter my diabetes, and high cholesterol. I have always told stevi that you and I are very much alike in many ways and can’t wait till the day we meet and break bread….G

  6. Aw, shucks. Thanks, guys!

  7. If you have to start a diet it means that there is already something wrong. Best is to have a healthy diet from the start. Ok, I know it’s easier to say than to make it happen…

  8. Once you have a health problem it is like a strong wakeup call and it is amazing how you can stick to eating plans when you have to

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