Never Forget (Red, White, & Blue)


In November of 2001 I found myself at a public lecture where an Imam claimed among other things that ‘Osama bin Laden was a victim of American economic…’ I never heard the end of the sentence because at that point I started bellowing that I had heard enough and stormed out of the hall and straight to my car. I found out a week later that I had started an exodus that left the man ranting to mostly empty seats. In the six years since then many things have changed. There’s a relatively large number of Americans who would agree with some of the other things that the Imam said that night, specifically that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 weren’t perpetrated by Muslim radicals.

I have read and seen the arguments and evidence proffered by the government and those who maintain the government perpetrated the attack, and I certainly have my own questions, but after watching this administration in action for the past six years I simply cannot believe them competent enough to pull off such a conspiracy. That we have reached a point where so many citizens are so suspicious of this administration is the evidence of this. Everything else they do is poorly planned and even more ineptly executed; despite their obsession with secrecy their cronyism and corruption is nakedly exposed for anyone who cares to look. That these people could have coordinated and accomplished the unthinkable and then kept everyone involved absolutely silent doesn’t pass the test of Occam’s Razor.

Of course, there are questions. Why are the security camera tapes from businesses around the Pentagon still classified? Why is the cockpit recording of Flight 93 still classified? Why did we spend next to nothing investigating the 9/11 attacks? Why was so much effort put into ensuring that every piece of steel from the Twin Towers was destroyed before they could be examined? Why have we shifted away so many resources away from hunting Osama bin Laden? These are just a few of my questions.

Six years after that terrible day our nation is divided by mistrust and the rift is only getting wider. Words like ‘traitor’ have been hurled about with great casualness, and for some Americans it seems there is no greater enemy than their countrymen. When I remember 9/11 I will remember the Americans who sacrificed their lives for each other without thinking about party, religion or race. This is the republic I love. This is the America we are when we remember that our arguments are disagreements between countrymen that can be set aside so we can work together. This America is the greatest nation the world has ever seen.        

Never Forget (Red, White, & Blue)
Dedicated to the Imam

I believe in forgiveness.
But I will never forget
those blue skies
that day. 

I will die
and be reborn
but those blue skies
will be waiting there
to remind me.
So I will never forget
those white towers
and blue skies
that day.

I will come to forgive
and to understand
but I will never forget
those red flames
and white towers
and blue skies
that day.

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