Reconsidering Larry Craig

According to an AP news wire without much detail, Senator Larry Craig (R, UT), is ‘reconsidering’ his resignation. Craig plead guilty, then declared that he shouldn’t have. He announced his resignation on Saturday and on Tuesday night he’s announcing his reconsideration?

I vividly remember ugly arguments with Republican friends about the 2000 recount. They professed outrage that Gore didn’t do the ‘honorable’ thing by conceding outright to Bush. I recall the insults hurled at Kerry that tried to paint him as a dishonorable waffler, and how Republican cheerleaders like Ann Coulter spoke about Senator Max Cleland. I remember what was said about an American ambassador (who was called a hero by the first President Bush) when he tried to tell the American public that the current administration was using fake evidence to make the case for invading Iraq. I remember many, many things. Because of Larry Craig, I have reconsidered them all and feel an even deeper confidence in my convictions. For this I thank him and regard this as an excellent opportunity for all of my Republicans friends to reconsider our arguments and disagreements over the years. Please, guys, reconsider. It’s not too late.

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