It’s Sunday, and Chicago is still cleaning up from the storms on Thursday. It was my brother’s birthday and it took me two and half hours to commute what normally should have taken twenty five minutes to get to his house after work. Power was out across broad swaths of the area, knocking out traffic lights, which combined with the fallen trees and flooded streets to say nothing of the winds and rain, made the evening a real treat for everyone. All was good when I got there, however, and a splendid time was had by all. I’m so very proud of my brothers-the day before Danny ended his probabtion and was officially sworn in as a firefighter, and Tommy just started as a full time elementary school art teacher. I’m even more proud of my nephews- Ryan is doing great and Jake is just amazing and more fun than anything ever. Nana and Papa and ‘nette all split while his uncles distracted him (though he was still heartbroken when he realized twenty minutes later that they were gone) by reading to him from a casserole recipie book he had insisted we decipher for him. He was enthralled and enthusiastically repeated phrases from our impassioned readings of such immortal lines as ‘green bean casseroles make excellent side dishes’ and giggled with glee at ‘buffallo chicken casserole’. Jake is a seriously cool kid. He’s the first person under the age of three to turn me onto something hip.
After dinner, Jake came to me and said, ‘Tony, come see ‘Yo Gabba Gabba”.
I said, ‘What’s ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’?’
‘Come see!’ and he pulled me into the back room. My brother laughed and said, ‘He loves this show. It’s seriously weird. You know how people always say ‘whoa, were they on acid when they made this’ when they see something kinda strange?’
‘There’s no need to ask that when you’re watching this. You just know.’
Jake is absolutely enthralled by ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’, and I can see why. It’s brilliantly stupid. It’s relentlessly colorful and happy and follows dream logic with the singsong repetitive catchiness of jinglepunk pop. It stuck in my head and on Saturday night when I was visiting with Wulf, Susan and Sydney at Miranda and Tommie J’s place, I brought it up and we found it ‘on demand’ and downloaded an episode. It was a gem of an episode. It was called ‘Eat’ and well, it’s awesome. The dance number with Elijah Wood is something that you will never forget, trust me. Also, the dude who does the drawing of the bug on a skateboard was in Devo. Admittedly, we couldn’t actually make it through the whole thing, but we did watch the Elijah Wood dance twice to make sure that we weren’t having a flashback.


  1. Our kids also love this show. Thanks for the great post!

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