Pray For Kenny

******UPDATE AUGUST 5th********
Kenny is getting a CAT scan tomorrow and will head home Tuesday. We will know in a week if he’s going to be operated on.

Kenny is heading down to St Louis to see his surgeon. There’s a good possibility he’ll be undergoing a procedure that is very new and somewhat risky. There’s a chance that the doctor will decide that he doesn’t need the procedure, but Kenny says that he feels pretty strongly that he will be going into surgery soon. On the plus side, the recovery time will be quick enough that he won’t miss classes this fall (he’s a seminarian).
We had a good long talk yesterday on his porch. Kenny is a very important person to me. We’ve been friends since college and had many adventures together. Our conversation went everywhere; we of course discussed all the details of what may happen and the possible outcomes, duties were assigned and accepted, questions were answered and confronted. Stories were told and friends were recalled and others were worried over. Philosophy, theology and things that may come to be were pondered. And of course, we talked about women.
Kenny has a new blog where he wonders about prayer and theodicy. I don’t care about the arguments about whether it’s useful or not. I’m going to pray for Kenny. I hope you will, too.

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  1. Thanks everybody!!! Thanks Winston, I love you very much.

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