Teh Internets Presents Weird Dilemmas

So, I read this odd little story at the Tribune…


and they listed a series of run ins with the law over the past few weeks this guy has has and I noticed how old he was and something struck me about it and for some reason I googled his name and came across this:


(look at the series of comments) That it is modern miracle for a telecommunications network to exist that can inform me that earlier today a maniac threw his coffee on the floor of a train station because they wouldn’t accept his seven-year-old ticket is one thing; for me seconds later to have access to that disturbed individuals’ quasi-autobiography is something else entirely. I feel an odd responsibility to Dennis Kulakowski. It seems that he has recently fallen off of his medication or suffered some sort of mental break. Through chance and whim I seem to have discovered that he is not only acting aggressively in public but is currently expressing a fixation with a public figure, delusions of grandeur, and an unsettling fantasy that his ex-wife is a notorious murder. I have a couple of friends who work in various ways in law enforcement and a very good friend who works with exactly this kind of person. I am going to ask them for advice on how to bring this to the attention of the correct authorities. Any advice from you?

4 Responses to “Teh Internets Presents Weird Dilemmas”

  1. NAMI rules… http://www.namigc.org/content/crisis/involuntarytreatment.htm

    The Alliance for the Mentally Ill
    NAMI of Greater Chicago
    1536 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622
    CALL: (312) 563-0445

  2. Illinois Statute CHAPTER 405 – MENTAL HEALTH

    something the court may want to consider. the arresting officers and/or family members with direct observation and knowledge of this person’s behaviors and statements would have to initiate an involuntary admission, but sometimes people aren’t aware this option exists!!

    (405 ILCS 5/1-119) (from Ch. 91 1/2, par. 1-119) Sec. 1-119. “Person subject to involuntary admission” means:

    (1) A person with mental illness and who because of his or her illness is reasonably expected to inflict serious physical harm upon himself or herself or another in the near future which may include threatening behavior or conduct that places another individual in reasonable expectation of being harmed; or

    (2) A person with mental illness and who because of his or her illness is unable to provide for his or her basic physical needs so as to guard himself or herself from serious harm without the assistance of family or outside help.

    In determining whether a person meets the criteria specified in paragraph (1) or (2), the court may consider evidence of the person’s repeated past pattern of specific behavior and actions related to the person’s illness.

  3. My name is Linda Dolemba and my ex husband is Dennis Kulakowski and as you know he has written some nasty things in AskMen.com. My question is….. How do I get my name off AskMen.com?

  4. Linda-
    I don’t know anything about you but I cannot imagine the last few years have been easy for you. I don’t know what contact if any you have with your ex-husband or his family but I hope you can make them aware of the statute that Stevi posted above. I left a message with the police a few months ago but have no idea as to what happened with it. He certainly is mentally ill and the fact of your actual existence leads me to suspect that other biographical facts about him are equally true, which means that his break with reality is a relatively recent development. I am a stranger to you and do not wish to give you the sense that I am viewing this tragedy as a voyeuristic audience or meddlesome busybody, and I certainly don’t want you to think I am being presumptious in saying this but I ask you to try and take some action to get your ex-husband mental health treatment-for your own safety as much as his own well being. I also realize that you may have already tried this fruitlessly and think that I’m a moron but I only have a small amount of information about the situation and so am trying to give you the best advice I can while I have your attention.
    Regarding getting your name off of askmen.com-I would recommend contacting their webmaster or the editors via email, explaining your situation, and asking them to remove the post. It’s a perfectly reasonable request and they would be irresponsible to refuse it. If they don’t comply, contact a lawyer and have them make the request.
    Linda, I wish you the best of luck and want you to know that you have my deepest sympathies.

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