Hindsight is 20/20: Dispatch from the Fall of 2000

Welcome to the Teahouse of the Furious Buddha. My name is Winston Delgado. WDWDI have a site called Artcrime Ink. I’ve just about filled it up and so I’m expanding over here now. One of the things I like about this format is that it’s easy for people to leave comments. On my old site, the Teahouse of the Furious Buddha was where I put my essays and observations. Here’s that archive:2007:HERE COME THE CHUDS! Here’s one of the oldest posts from there. It’s an appropriate first post for here, I think. Enjoy.

HINDSIGHT IS 20/20:Dispatch from the Fall of 2000
And now, the news…
O.K., I’ve figured out my problem. It’s not a matter of intelligence. Nor is it ethics or taste. It’s far simpler than all that.
What is my problem, you ask?
My frustration with my fellow humans. You see, I just thought that most of them were stupid and obstinate.
I was wrong.
I have the problem. It’s a disorder, you see. A side effect of reality.
When Einstein described space and time, he said it was curved an relative.
We have bandied that term about quite casually, never quite grasping it.
Well, I figured it out. It’s simple.
We are not all living at the same time. That’s why we disagree about so much,  and why people like me are so confounded by the mass of you.
For example, look at the Republicans on your TV.
See how crass and tacky they are?
I mean, doesn’t your skin crawl?
There’s all of these blacks and latinos dancing around and singing behind all of these white politicians who have embraced discriminitory policies, and I can’t see why people aren’t shouting in horror. I mean, Dick Cheney supported the criminal South Afrikanner Government! And you’re dancing at his nomination to the fucking VICE-PRESIDENCY??These guys have tried to gut every social initiative that was aimed at helping predominantly minority communities! Can you really believe that in FOUR years they’ve changed that much? I mean, come on! When Stevie Wonder sings at a Democrat event, that makes sense, because fucking Jesse Helms is not there leering at him! This is the party of JESSE HELMS and STROM FUCKING THURMOND!
These are people who would have brought back slavery, if we gave them half a chance!
Then it hit me.
They are living in 1961.
Meanwhile, people like me are living in the year 2020. Really. That’s what I feel it to be.
I live in a world where it’s normal to not waste energy caring which consenting adults have sex with which consenting adults. I live in a world where it’s obvious that we are affecting our environment with our stupid indulgences. I live in a year where we stopped shrugging at the 30,000 children who die every day from preventable cause like famine, diarrhea, or neglect. I live in a world in which I leave history as history, and don’t believe something is true simply because an ancestor believed it. I live in a world that is global, with no concern for the provincial things that divide us. I live in a civil world, where we celebrate and respect each other.
I get frustrated dealing with people who aren’t from this time. Most average people think it’s 1992, and people clever enough to listen to me would think it’s summer of the year 2002, but there’s a lot of people who are even worse off than the Republican party.
For example, people in the NRA think it’s March of 1850, and we still have to worry about the crafty Indian and wily Mexican attacking our homesteads during the new moon.
In South Carolina they must think it’s 1830.
In Afghanistan they think it’s the 11th century.
In China they follow a different calendar altogether…
In Jerusalem, they are struggling in the dusty streets of the late Bronze Age..
If you look on your TV you will see a bunch of fools who still think it’s the 70’s.
It makes sense. It’s the only explanation. These people can’t actually be dumb enough to think of Reaganomics as a good thing, they simply live in a year where that mistake hadn’t been made yet.
When we make globes of the world, we should make them four dimensional: You could show where something is located in longitude, latitude, altitude and a new word: chronotude, or the era a particular place is located.
Here’s Moscow: 60 N, 100E, 1000 ft above sea level, and 1890.
It is so much easier to understand the world if you do that.
Oh, and by the way, if you elect Bush, things are gonna suck. Your precious economy is gonna freeze up, foreign policy will be a disgrace, and our rights will be attacked.
But hindsight is 2020…

2 Responses to “Hindsight is 20/20: Dispatch from the Fall of 2000”

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  2. […] Tom Tomorrow has an excellent take on the situation. A good political cartoon can articulate the most complex situations more clearly than a thousand clever pundits. Clearly something must be done, but panicking and throwing gasoline on a fire is stupid. Handing yet even more power and money without oversight or legal recourse to the most irresponsible Administration in modern history is indescribably stupid. That would be like jumping in the fire. But what do I know? […]

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